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5 Questions Should Be Answered Before Learning New Programming Language

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Picking the right language to learn is very responsible for programmer. This can become a very rewarding experience, as well as wasting your time. You need to know how to choose the programming language to meet all your goals and needs.
Below you will find some questions should you be answered yourself before choosing the right language.

Why do I need to learn programming language?

  • If you are aiming to become a programmer, you better to start with some language that can teach you basic principles such as Smalltalk or Ruby possibility, Lisp, etc. You can chose among the most popular languages in order to find the most educational with associated books, manuals and training material;
  • In case if you want to improve programming skills you have already, you should chose some nonmainstream language or educational language to learn something you have never used before;
  • If you want to build your career, you need to adapt to the market and to find the demanded languages to learn looking through the ads on the market.

How am I going to learn programming language?

Your learning style will determine your language. Depending on how you prefer to perceive new information you should chose the most appropriate one. For example, if you like reading, it is better to find some language with associated training books, because if you won’t find it, you’ll have to count on the unhelpful community.

What software supports the programming language?

Some of users prefer to work in simply text editor, other in special IDE. Also you need to make sure that language’s libraries and frameworks support your apps. So try to select language which won’t make you additional problems.

What am I planning to build?

Depending on your main goal you can chose the most suitable language which has capability to be used for and is designed for its scenario. For example, if you need to build Web application, you rather to choose the most appropriate language for this. Using the CGI model on a server you can select any virtually language for development, but you may quickly recognize that there is some language is better for this than others.

Am I willing to choose the less?

On the one hand, using the nonmainstream language can restrict your job choices or it can be not necessary for some projects. On the other hand, you’ll have skills in not popular language that makes you a highly paid specialist. Anyway, new language brings new experience, new skills and more abilities for your job.
Author's Bio: This article was written by Andrew Smith, Marketing Manager at QArea - software outsourcing company specializing in custom software development, web development, software testing and mobile solutions.

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