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Angry Birds sequel Bad Piggies

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If your kids consider themselves development managers on the game and every tutoring session turns into a strategy session on how to help those wily birds, you know you’re an Angry Birds fan. To call it a game would be to do it a disservice, seeing how more than a billion copies of the game have found their way to PCs, smartphones and devices.

The game’s pretty simple- birds fight with pigs in a bid to destroy them. The player launches the birds into the air with a slingshot and as levels change, you get special powers in your bid to defeat the pigs. The game grows on you really quickly and has a sense of fun and humor.

But how long will the pigs be silent? They have to fight back and they do in the all new sequel to Angry Birds. Bad Piggies has already gained top spot in the application world and people are paying top dollar for the game. The sequel comes as a strategy by the builders of the puzzle to keep things fresh and interesting. Think about it, who doesn’t like a tale of comeuppance?
In Bad Piggies, you’re on the side of the harassed pigs for a change and assist them in getting to the eggs of the birds and cracking them open. But it is not as straightforward as the Angry Birds version. Now, you’ll have to help the pigs by building stuff that moves them from one place to another.  So this isn’t mindless running in all directions but an actual game of skill and thought. Just like the birds have no wings, the pigs are an incongruous shade of green and have no legs!

Yes, perhaps the game reminds you of Amazing Alex where you helped Alex solve puzzles by moving things on the screen. But Bad Piggies is its own version and promises tons of fun.  No wonder then that it has five star ratings from some software developers. The game is free on Google Play though it will cost you a bit of money if you own an Apple device.

The mistake would be to think of Bad Piggies as a mere sequel. Yes it does seem to pick up where Angry Birds left off but more than that, it could also be considered a precursor to the whole franchise in the first place. Also, and you’ll see this when you go in a few levels, Bad Piggies is not as straightforward as Angry Birds. It’s almost abstract and it’s only when you get into the game that you get a sense of what you’re dealing with. The science behind the puzzles is physics but the concept is multi-dimensional. For instance, you use gravity to move the pigs on wheels, sure, but then it gets a tad more technical with helium balloons and TNT.

There are hundred levels which makes the game is accessible to all age groups and even the building of contraptions is a simple drag and drop in a grid space. As you climb levels you earn bonuses and rewards for finishing in a stipulated amount of time and targeting boxes with powers. But there’s an element of luck here that you might find frustrating. Like Angry Birds, there’s a lot of trial and error to get the game right and you need to actually persevere to push your way through to the next levels. Which could be fun and engaging if you think about it. Bad Piggies is a complex game that takes getting used to so start now!
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