Monday, 22 October 2012

Custom 404 page URL in blogger

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As you all might be knowing that Blogger now allows you to have a custom 404 error page. This error page is displayed when somebody tries to access a link of your website that never existed or has been removed. But where is that custom 404 error page is stored, I am here talking about the direct URL that will lead you to the 404 error page.
Some users also try to access this by putting the wrong link. Well even that is a way. To access 404 error page, the URL is So you need to add /404.html. Alternatively you can put, any thing like /a, /b etc.

If you want to create a custom 404 Page, then refer to How to set custom Page Not Found or error 404. This is very useful if you are a web designer. You can show Custom 404 error page in the links just like WordPress templates have. This can be used while showcasing your work. Using /404.html may also end the viewer in surprise. He/she will possibly discover one more available designer possibility of having a custom 404 error page.
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