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Extend Android battery life

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Android based smartphone and tablets has captured the market very efficiently. Today, almost every 10th person is using Android devices. Almost every Android based devices are capable of running a number of applications and can transfer data at high rates. Along with a number of features comes one problem, low battery life.

How to Extend Android battery life?

Some measures can be taken to have a better running Android batteries.
  • Turn off all unnecessarily running hardware like Bluetooth, WiFi and Gps.
  • Turn off all unwanted applications running in the background. 
When you press Home button instead of tapping back button the applications keep on running in the background. Some people think that application wont use extra charge. It is true apps don't consume battery but the hardware that is being used. When there is an app running it uses both RAM as well as processor, consuming battery even when idle.

How to know what applications are running in the background?

Well, just go to Task Manager, it will show all apps running in the background. Also, it will show the amount of RAM and percent of processor that it is using.

How to terminate them?

There is an end button in Task Manager.

How to save battery overnight?

When you are off to bed and ready to sleep. Turn off your phone's internet connection. To do so, go to Settings> Wireless and networks> Mobile networks and uncheck Use Packet data. Now, there will be no data transfer until you turn it on.

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