Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Facebook has a new message interface

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Facebook is ever changing in terms of the user interface. Every attempt is made to make Facebook a better social platform. Recently Facebook upgraded it's messaging interface.

The above image says it all but still.

Now, I must tell you the best part of this interface. Just like your updated chat interface, message interface now provides a search bar. You can search any contact by name or email address and start conversation or leave a message if the other person is not online at that moment. But that's not all. The new search bar is powerful enough to search a word from all of your messages. So, you asked the new contact number of your friend and didn't saved it into your phone. After some days you may get busy searching messages and scrolling the conversation to get the number. But now, you just need to type "contact" or "number" and the all of your messages having the above word(s) will be searched and displayed onto your screen. Isn't that great? 
Now, Facebook allows you to put multiple images in messages that too all together. Just click the 'add photos' link and from the window that will pop up you can select multiple images from your photo collection already on Facebook or upload multiple images from your system.
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