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How to Create a Magazine Style WordPress Site

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WordPress is counted as one of the best full blown Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is used for more than just blogging. A majority of WordPress site designers are moving away from the traditional creation platform and are making use of magazine-style themes. The characteristic features of the magazine-style themes separate them from the traditional layout. 

This kind of theme allows website creators to portray in the front page of the site, a glimpse of the various contents of the website with their headline. Thus, allowing users to directly visit the content that they wish to read. The website designer is allowed to place content in the order of importance on the website that makes use of magazine-style theme.

Adopting the magazine-style theme for WordPress site

Depending on the kind of website that you create, you must carefully choose a theme. One of the reasons why this theme is being widely used is because it makes a serious attempt to break free from the routine way of creating websites. With this theme, you can enhance the look of your website. It allows users to handle huge amounts of content on a single page making it look more appealing and disciplined.

Advantages of using magazine-style theme for WordPress site

A magazine-style theme has many advantages. It is because of the advantages this theme is being widely used. A few of the advantages have been discussed

Highly recommended for huge sites

When you have a huge website to create and a mammoth volume of content to fit into your website, the magazine-style theme is highly recommended. While using this theme, you can update content on your website on a regular basis, with great ease. There are no chances that your content or posts gets lost or reshuffled while using this theme.

Huge volume of content can be featured on the front page

A majority of templates feature the latest posts on the front page. The older posts become lost and buried within other website pages. While using the magazine-style theme, you are allowed to display and highlight content you think is important on the first page of your website. You can put up a small teaser about the paramount content on the first page, thus guiding readers to the location of it.

Provision for enhanced navigation

A magazine-style theme can either make the webpage look professional or it can confuse the reader. This theme is used when there is huge volume of content to be displayed. The content can either be categorically arranged on the webpage or just left in a clutter. When the content is neatly placed on the webpage, it provides enhanced navigation.
Magazine-style theme has many other advantages as well.

Creation of a magazine-style WordPress site using a plugin

Creating a magazine-style WordPress site is not that difficult a task. The popular methods have been discussed.

Types and Views is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to create a website without coding. Using Types and Views, you can create an amazing magazine-style WordPress site in 4 simple steps.
The creation of WordPress magazine-style page is no magic. It is about placing the right content in the right place. To achieve this, you can make use of two loops. One is the external loop and the other is the internal loop. Use the external loop to place the various categories and use the internal loop to place content under each category.

Step by step process in the creation magazine-style WordPress site

It is better to follow a bottom-up approach by starting from the creation of the smallest blocks and moving on to creating the bigger ones. The four step approach can be followed in creating a magazine-style WordPress site.

With View Templates create Post Teasers

The first step is the creation of teasers for your templates. Go to ‘Views’ and select ‘New View Template’. You are left with a thumbnail where you can add a title, a few lines of content and an Image. You can select ‘Raw Output’ to make sure that WordPress does not add line breaks and paragraphs. Once you have completed the inputs you can click on ‘Save’.

Create a category column for teasers

Now that you have created the teasers for various important posts, it becomes necessary that you put them in a column. Go to ‘View’ then select ‘Add New View’. Use the ‘Filter’ option, select ‘Posts’. In the ‘Order by section select ‘Post date’ and then select ‘Descending’. Then click on ‘Ok’.

Make the outer view for the category

This option must be used when you have many categories to display. This view will hold the various categories together. You will have to use the ‘Filter’ and ‘Settings’ to achieve this. Make use of ‘Add another filter term’, select or deselect the categories that you wish to have. Choose the layout style and select the number of columns and click on ‘Save View’.

Insert Category View to the homepage

Now that you have successfully created the teasers and the column for the teasers, you have to make it visible on the website. You will have to display the outer loop in your homepage. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Reading’. Once you have edited the page, you can click on ‘Categories View’.
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