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iPhone Apps that Will Drive You Crazy in a Good Way

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The iPhone can be incredibly hard to let go no matter where you are, who you are with, and what you are doing. But it’s not because it’s the best smartphone in the world, though. That part is still up for debate. What’s inarguable about the iPhone, however, is that it has access to the best and coolest applications designed for mobile users. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of what gives the iPhone a permanent place in your pockets.

This application is available for all iOS devices. It offers a huge selection of maps available for offline use together with incredibly helpful lists of points of interest for over 120 cities from all around the globe. With this application, you won’t ever have to suffer from costly roaming charges abroad.


Sure, your Apple device comes with the Weather Channel, but it’s not much of a looker is it? Weather news and updates are often critical to your plans, but there’s no denying that they’re a bit tedious to research, too. Thankfully, there are applications like Solar which make researching about the weather more fun, not to mention the fact that its attractive color-coded layout is gratifyingly pleasing to the eyes as well.

First Aid – American Red Cross

Your iPhone has saved your life numerous times – figuratively. This time, however, it may do so literally as well with the help of American Red Cross’s First Aid application. It’s free to download and provides handy dandy instructions for injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. It even comes with advice to survive emergency situations and natural disasters.


Running is one of the healthiest hobbies you can take up, but it’s also the most challenging. Listening to music while trying to complete a 1KM circuit will definitely make today’s goal easier to accomplish, but it can be tedious, distracting, and annoying if you have to change your music once in a while just to suit your mood and pace. But that’s only when you don’t have DJrunloaded in your iPhone. With this application, your music is automatically altered to match your current pace and provide you greater motivation to accomplish your goal.

Adobe Photoshop Express

In recent times, the iPhone has been increasingly used as a way of creating, managing, and sending photos for work and social activities. If you have a constant need to tweak your photos, then you’ll do so more effectively with Adobe’s free mobile application. After all, there’s only so much that Instagram can do for your photos.
According to a Cell Phone Expert these are but a few of the cool and irresistible applications that you can enjoy with an iPhone. Take a look at what’s being featured in the App Store today if you want to know more. But in the end, you should keep in mind that what these applications can offer are as only as good as what your smartphone can do. It’s why you may sometimes have no choice but to upgrade to a new OS or a new model even. 
Author’s Bio: Krystine Joy Sitjar has been writing for years about mobile phone technology and specializes in writing user-friendly reviews about the latest smartphone and tablet applications.
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