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Kick start you blog Search engine rankings

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Every new blog post requires a good start. If the article has quality content and is on a well reputed blog it automatically draws the attention of the readers as well as other visitors. The websites ranks are measured using a number of factors like visitor count, links in other reputed websites, etc.

What will this quality give you when it was unable to get a decent traffic for itself?

Good quality content is common in reputed websites. But this does not means it is not present in lower scale or just started weblogs. But the thing is it get buried because of low attention.

Social Networking

There are a number of social networking site live and active on net, like StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. A number of readers and bloggers are busy posting updates with good frequency on these sites. These sites provide you with a perfect kick start, by providing descent traffic. But maximum of this traffic can be categorized under unwanted. The unwanted traffic serves an additional count in your traffic stats, but not really reads or gets engaged with the content or website in any possible way. But still serves a perfect starter. These starts give the blog posts a better page ranking and then it starts getting organic search. The rate of this organic search rises with direct proportionality to the passing time depending upon the type of content.
Again the fact is simple, it just needs a thought. The traffic that gets to you comprises of the users that were not actually searching the web for exactly, the matter that they get too. If you feel you have some quality content posted on your blogger, you must be happy about it doesn't matter how much low your traffic is. Just like, you have a bunch of friends that take roaming about more seriously than studying and you have your created study material, and you only have them to have a look at it. They will look but will never go into it.

New Blog Post

If any of your blog posts have become dead, that is, it had stopped collecting any new visit. You can bring it to life by posting an update. I do own a bog which is just two years old. So, I don’t get very high traffic. But every time a post a new post the traffic rises by 60 to 80%. In some cases traffic stats cross the limits. They are a few clicks more than twice the usual traffic stat.

Updating the old posts

Sometimes, it happens. You are in front of the screen and nothing to post. When this condition continues for more than 7 days, there is a noticeable drop in traffic stats. This generally never happened to me till now. But in recent past I was busy customizing my weblogs template. As a result I had no posts of my own though some guest posts were there which I ignored after notifying the respective authors.
My stats drop down rate was directly proportional to the passing dates. It took 3 days to complete the template task. And now I had a proper color scheme that was to be implemented in published bog posts. So I started updating my blog posts, just making heading changes like color and size, setting the text alignment to justified. I love to watch my stat and I observed 50% rise in traffic stat. Then I encountered one post that need some informative updates, I did that job too. This sequence of events proved clearly the importance of updates.

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