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Review for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7”

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Amazon has announced the launch of their latest tablet in a market with already high competition between manufacturers for taking the top spot. The latest Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” is an amazing piece of hardware that has been complemented with the right software along with extremely well built aesthetics. In case you have been saving up for buying one of the smaller 7 inch tablets in the market, this is probably the right time to get your hands on one. Before you decide which one to buy from a long list of options, you are requested to go through the review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7”:


The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” takes pride in presenting to you a number of improvements over its predecessor and you can rest assured that the following high points will leave you impressed:

a.      Excellent Display

You clearly don’t expect a high definition TV screen on your tablet but that doesn’t mean that the quality of the display doesn’t matter when it comes to 7 inch tablets. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” addresses this problem perfectly and ensures that you have your eyes set on a high quality display which will surely impress you.

b.      Battery Life

When you are dealing with a handheld portable device the biggest factor that comes to your mind is the battery life of the same so that you don’t need to hunt for a power socket every few hours. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” takes care of this aspect of the customer and ensures that the device gives long hours on its battery without needing to charge.


While the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” enjoys a number of high points which makes it a top contender for the leader spot in this category of tablets, at the same time it has some bugging features.

a.       Limited Apps

Na tablet is as good as the variety and number of apps that it has in store for you. This is especially the case keeping in mind the huge selection of apps that the iOS and Android tablet users have at their disposal. This is where the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” takes a beating owing to the fact that it has a limited number of apps available for its platform.

b.      Store Loads Slowly

The amazon kindle store has been reported to take excessively long time in loading the contents even if you have a fast enough internet speed to supplement the same. Though it can be expected that the manufacturers will soon release a fix for the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” in order to take care of this problem, for the time being, it might be hampering the choice making process for customers.

There is more to the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7” like an amazingly sleek body along with great value for price which makes it the tablet to look out for this holiday season! 
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