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What to Expect from Google's October 29th Event

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What is going to be new at Google’s October 29th Event is a question that not many can answer now. Rumor mills say it is all about a mobile phone. The most likely candidate to be associated with the event it seems is LG and the Nexus it is reliable come to understood. Whatever the outcome, Google has already sent out invitation to the proposed event in New York, and if everything goes well, you can expect to see another few devices will be included to the already burgeoning choice before users. Come the D-day and everything will be clear as crystal, but why wait until then?

Most insiders agree that the meet is planned for the release of Google’s Nexus Phone to be made by LG. Neither is the possibility of other manufacturers jumping into the fray with Google is ruled out for the device. In all probability the phone is a likely variant of the tried LG Optimus G that saw a launch in recent times. The new model, Nexus 7 will have 32 GB memory it is learnt. It is also going to be a quantum jump in terms of technology over the its earlier variant with a smaller memory. If that turns out to be true then the price of 16 GB Nexus is sure to drop drastically, insiders on the sly report.The other rumors pertain to technical details. The LG Nexus 4 will reportedly have 1280 x 768 HD-true IPS screen. The other features are: quad-core snapdragon s4 processor, open screen for navigation without any micro slot. There may not be much changes to the non-removable battery. It is however expected to have a longer staying life, some in the know of things indicate. What remains to be seen is how the wireless charging system is going to do its job.

Although not strictly a product, the Google event is also likely to see the emergence of Android Lime Pie, the newest Android version after its announcement at the event. This is significant when considered along with the news that a website calling itself Android Authority reporting that the new Android’s latest version has popped in Google Analytics. And, that it was coming from devices Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy is significant buttressing the widely circulated rumors.

It is very much apparent that another likely candidate for announcement is Google Nexus 7 Tablet, and that seemingly has come from Think Digit. In all likelihood, this 7 inch device is expected to be priced sub-hundred dollar. Until the official word comes out, the rumor mills are likely to stay afloat keeping prospective buyers and users guessing what is in store. Some indication also show that products named Nexus 7 tablets have been shipped for sales on the opening day of the Google’s Event day. Until the final day on October 29 everything is just going to be guess and what is the truth will only unfurl on 29-Oct.
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