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Android 4.2 to Make Its Way to Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 7

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Everyone is waiting for Android Jelly Bean 4.2. Even as you are reading this, it is being loaded onto the Galaxy Nexus (Smartphone) and the Nexus 7 (tablet) as the operating system. This news has definitely stirred interest in potential buyers, as the sales of these devices in some countries has sky rocketed. Right now, it is only available on the unlocked HSPA+ models sold on Google Play’ but is soon expected that the other Nexus devices will soon receive the updated OS. But it was declared that it would not be likely that the Nexus S and the Xoom would receive the update. 

Google announced that the Jelly Bean update will be rolled out ‘Over the Air’ to owners. This means that your Smartphone or tablet will check for this every now and then. Of course the roll-out has not been a quick process; in fact some owners are still waiting for the update. This will be especially true for those of you who have purchased your device through a wireless carrier. Unfortunately, Google has always been a bit lax with their updates for the wireless carriers. 

On the Nexus 7 you are likely to receive the notification about the update very soon, but if you’re impatient, you can do a manual prompt. How? Disable Wi-Fi, go to Google Services Framework under the App List option of the Settings tab. Then clear the cache and select Force Stop. Once you have done that, enable Wi-Fi again, and go to System under About Tablet option of the Settings menu. You should be able to see the update, and start download. Of course, it may not work always, but you can try your luck. 

If you are a tech geek you can also try the manual installation after downloading it from Google. So what glad tidings will Android Jelly Bean 4.2 bring? Let’s take a look-see:
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Super fast user interface
  • Greater stability
  • Smooth multi tasking
  • User profiles so multiple users can be supported. Each user can personalize the device (home screen, widgets, apps, background, games) according to their preference.
  • Gesture typing: just slide your fingers across the keyboard, no need to actually tap the keys
  • Improved camera experience
  • Wi-Fi sharing
  • Quick settings: one swipe opens up an entire menu of settings that most Nexus 7 users change most often, like rotation lock, Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi and so on.
  • Daydream: a screensaver that displays interesting info like stored picture, Google Currents news, and so on, when your device is idle.
  • Buttery graphics and silky transitions for an overall smooth experience
  • Much greater responsiveness
  • Boosting of the CPU on touch, and turning down when not in use
  • NFC capability means you can beam pictures and videos to another NFC capable device
  • Enhanced widgets and greater accessibility
  • Photo Sphere: a new method of taking panoramic photos
  • Ability to mirror your mobile device screen onto your HDTV
  • Bug fix for Google Talk
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