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Best Android Apps to Compare Prices

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The burgeoning influence and use of the World Wide Web has opened many an avenue for business. Shopping has become one of the most important affected areas what with almost all enterprises setting up online stores to market their offerings. You, as a consumer, have never had it so good given numerous buying options on hand. Now how about making your shopping more cost effective? Enter Android apps that compare products prices and help you make the optimal choice.

Presented below are some of the best price-comparing Android apps:

Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper 2012

This is essentially a barcode scanning program with exceedingly comprehensive features. This app displays detailed information gleaned from the popular "Consumer Reports" buying guide, which encompasses several well-known brands and companies. The information, which is portrayed in a very neat and expeditious manner, covers the following aspects: 
  • Product prices 
  • Product rankings 
  • Critic and user reviews 
  • Exhaustive purchasing counsel 
  • Manufacturer reputation summary
You have to pay a small price for availing yourself of this service: USD 4.99. Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper 2012 may be derived from

Amazon Price Check 

This is a hugely popular price-comparing application not least because it is free to use and download. Amazon Price Check is easy to operate:
  1. Simply enter a product of your choice in the inbuilt search engine or have its barcode scanned to add it to the app's database. For products like DVDs, music compact discs, books, and video games, taking their cover photographs will also achieve this function.
  2. The app then returns the prices of the same product charged by all vendors registered with Amazon.
Through this app you can easily get the best value for money thanks to the gargantuan amount of vendors affiliated to Amazon. Amazon Price Check has many other aces up its sleeve. The app gives you buyer reviews as also Amazon's personal suggestions, permits you to buy products, allows you to mark products as favorites, and regularly features special daily offers and schemes.The app can be freely derived from


Smoopa is an ingenious application that renders a product's selling price as levied by a large assortment of reputable online merchants like Amazon, Best Buy, TigerDirect, WalMart, and The ingenuity lies in the interface cleverly giving color coded purchasing advice – yellow denoting more scope for price comparison of the base product; green indicating that the base product is indeed available for the lowest price.

In keeping with the innovativeness, this app also notifies you about any price drops of your specified product – all by a simple user setting. In addition, Smoopa also features a novel rewards scheme with attractive benefits. The app may be freely acquired from

Barcode Scanner

This app facilitates the speedy scanning of universal product codes as well as quick response (QR) ciphers. Once added to the database, the app employs Google-enabled services to locate price information across various vendors as also numerous product reviews. Barcode Scanner also allows you to process data matrix and QR ciphers that comprise uniform resource locators (URLs) and address book data. Moreover, you can also utilize the user-defined QR codes to exchange information pertaining to friends, bookmarks, events, applications, and more.

The app may be freely downloaded from


This is another admired barcode scanning app that harnesses the power of social networks to generate price information and assist price comparison. ShopSavvy also supports keyword search, incorporates a special discount section, helps users purchase products, and issues availability as well as stock alerts. The app can be freely attained from
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