Wednesday, 28 November 2012

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Whenever I was trying to access my blog using Mozilla Firefox, I was being asked for a username and password. A dialog box was popping up saying Authentication Required.
I was totally unaware of what it was. I felt my blog was hacked by someone. But the strange thing was that this dialog box was not showing up on other browsers. the next thing that cam to my mind was, my browser Mozilla Firefox was effected with virus.

Cause of this problem

Well, I went through the codes of my template and found that it was all due to a JavaScript.

How to get rid of this?

  1. Just goto Template > Edit HTML.
  2. Use Ctrl+F to search
Now, just delete the codes shown in the box above. Save the template.

What are these codes?

Well, these are codes to display pagination (Page numbers). You might have gone through a tutorial on the web that tells you how to add this pagination feature. The JavaScript provided in that tutorial causes this error.

Removing CSS

You have removed the JavaScript but along with that there are some codes in the CSS that helps the browser in displaying the page numbers. It is not necessary to remove these CSS codes but unused code causes increase in loading time of your page. So let us decrease the loading time

Click to enlarge
Just delete the CSS codes shown in the box above. You are done.
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