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Hands On with Samsung Chromebook

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Samsung ChromebookXE303C12, the third generation OS device which was expected for a long time owing to its low cost has hit the market. This Chromebook is thin, lightweight and inexpensive perfect forthose in need of a powerful browser. However, you need to compromise with the performance and quality of the Chromebook in certain areas. Are you a cloud lover? This device which comes at a cost of $249 is perfect for cloud storage and computing.


Does the price really make a huge difference? Yes, in today’s technology world, a low cost Chromebook is surprising. What is a Chromebook? For those of you who are not familiar about Chromebooks, it is nothing but a laptop which works on the Google browser“Chrome OS”. The same applies to the new product Samsung Chromebook.This machine can be accessed easily and surfing the web can never be easier. Samsung Chromebook is of great use to those of you who rely less on the traditional softwares.

If you are more interested in Google Cloud, Google Drive, Gmail and other Google Docs, Samsung Chromebook will remain as your best choice. This machine switches on quickly and has incredible battery life.Chromebook performs reasonably well in many areas, but if you multi-task opening numerous browsers at the same time, stay clear from this tablet.


XE303C12 Chromebook is petite, thin, light and has a screen size of about 11.6 inches. This is a unique device with a low power processor Cortex A 15 and a memory space of about 2GB. This is much less when compared to other Chromebooks and laptops in the market.This compact device is a little bit thicker than the 11 inch MacBook Air from Apple. It is featured with a chiclet keyboard, large touch pad and a groove to flip the screen up using your thumb.

The screen has good resolution with enough brightness but you cannot play full HD on this device. The speakers that are placed at the bottom do not produce pleasant sounds.  They are good for casual use but still, it gets better with external speakers and headphones.  The keyboard is not backlit and the body of the laptop is flexible. The SD card slot and microphone jack is comfortably seated on the left corner of the laptop. USB ports and HDMI ports are placed at the back side. As in most of the laptops, webcam is positioned on top of the screen with a flash memory of 16GB. You can also lean on Google drive to save documents like videos, photos, music, letters and others.

Chrome Operating System

This laptop is completely based on Chrome OS. If you are not satisfied with Chrome OS, you need to stay away from Samsung Chromebook.  Chrome Operating system is perfect to perform several activities online.  However, it is not possible to run popular programs like Skype, iTunes, Portal 2, Spotify, Photoshop, Microsoft Office and the like. Most of the times, you might need a  laptop to check mails, read news, make bank payments or spend  some time on Social sites. An economical device is apt for this and Samsung Chromebook serves this purpose.It does come with some latest technologies like 3G network connection which can be bought for an additional cost.


The biggest area where XE303C12 Chromebook loses is in its performance type. The device struggles to load when multiple browsers are opened.Problems like sluggish texts, difficulty in scrolling up and down can be experienced frequently.Also, if you are viewing a YouTube video and moving to another task, the video pauses automatically. Video or photo editing can never be imagined in this laptop. The delete button on the right which is usual in a Windows keyboard is gone missing. If you type more, this loss might be very excruciating. Also, absent are the page up and page down buttons which can be done using the Alt up and Alt down combinations.


Overall, Samsung Chromebook XE303C12 is a solid device good to perform occasional online tasks. If you want to use it for business purpose, erase this from your list.If you are new to laptops and would like to get used to it, Samsung Chromebook is advised.
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