Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How to check and update browser's plugins

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First of all, 

What is a plugin?

A plug-in is a set of software that adds extra functionality to some other software. In a web browser, you add Adobe flash, reader, etc. are there which help in execution of flash and Java content. These are third party softwares, that is, these plugins are not created by the same vendor that created your browser.

These plugin require frequent updates, so that you can have newest possible features, bug fixes, lesser security issues. That is why you are required to have these plug-ins updated as soon as possible. But again the problem is that you may have no knowledge of what plugins are installed except a few.

In web browser, you can check the plugins already installed.

How to check?

Just visit this link. It will automatically display all the plugins. It will also show Up to date and outdated plugins.

Research plugin?

Some plugins may show "Research". Now, what it does is that it searches the web with keywords like- current version plugin [Name of the plugin]. Now, you will get the search results, but this time you need to read the content and this time it is not sure you will get an update for that plugin, becuase the process is manual.
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