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Sticky Notes application for Android

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In Android devices the usual way to create a note is by using memo application that comes pre-installed. But you cannot put it on your home screen, just like sticky notes in Windows 7.

Well, all Android users can have the same functionality through an app available on Google Play and that too for free. One of the best feature of this app is the intelligent blurring of the background when you open your note.

Sticky Note

After installing this application from Google Play, go to your home screen and tap and hold to open up Add to Home screen menu. Select Widget from there and in the list of available widgets search for Sticky Note widget. There are two widget, 1*1 and 2*2, select anyone they are just the size of widget select smaller one if your note title is small about three words or about 19 characters otherwise bigger one (2*2).

Now enter title and description in your note and select a color your note will get created. You can also add your note to calender by selecting the date and time. The default calender application is used to create event, that is what happens when you add your note to calender.

How to edit a note already created?

If you have created a note and it is now on your screen. To edit it, just tap to open that note and then long tap the opened note to access menu that will allow you to edit, SMS and Email that note.

How to delete Note?

Deleting is just like removing any gadget from your home screen, i.e., long tap that note wait for your device to vibrate and then drag it down to remove bar at the bottom.
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