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15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display - Review

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It seems that Apple needs to do very less in order to have a huge fanfare for each of its products. This is owing to its whooping success in the past. The MacBook Pro lineup of MacBook seems to fall under this category. The gadget seems to have done no harm to Apple’s reputation with its elegant design complemented by powerful hardware.

New Updates

The 15 incher features a new i7 core processor from Intel. The new Apple machine also features a USB 3.0. However, the highlight of the updates is the Retina Display without compromising on any of the wonderful features that MacBooks are known to carry.

The laptop from Apple attracts those that want a large display and a powerful processing machine without the high-end graphic delights of the earlier version of MacBook Pro. One feature that exists in the 15-inch MacBook but does not in the earlier version of it is the ability to expand. The new Mac allows you to expand its hard drive and RAM as and when you want. If you do not want to use any of the expensive upgrades that Apple has in its baskets, then just go for the minimum rates when you make an upgrade.


MacBook Pro comes in a couple of variations and built-to-order models that allow you to configure models with quick processor speeds. The Pro has not altered much from the earlier versions with the same size, appearance and display. The biggest change however is its all-new i7 processor. The processors themselves come at high rates. One can expect a better performance on the processor front. A slightly faster memory in the form of a 1600 MHz processor improves its graphic performance as well. MacBook Pro uses a couple of new graphic systems with onboard HD Intel graphics and the NVIDIA GeForce.

For some advanced computing and mundane tasks, get help from the built-in Graphics system when required and you can also make a switch to NVIDIA chip when high performance is required. The entry level Intel Graphic properties of the 4000 system is much higher than the Intel Graphic properties of 3000 that is featured in last year’s models.

The battery runs up to 7 hours without being charged as Apple claims that the new Mac can offer much more. However, the improved graphic performance and the processors do not mean that your machine’s battery will be drained out in no time. The company manages to keep the same battery life tempo as in the case of last year.

To wrap it up

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro has everything that you would have seen in last year’s version. But it has some additions too. A bigger display, upgradable parts, slimmed-down case without sacrificing on performance and efficiency, optical drive are some of the additions. One weak point on the new MacBook is its increase in weight. The 5.6 lbs is heavier than the earlier models. The new 15-inch MacBook is definitely worth the price you pay. Go for it and you will not regret.
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