Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Report and Block users with inappropriate profile pic

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Facebook is full of users that make fake profiles with inappropriate content. These users generally, become friends with other such users thus, forming an inappropriate users network. Facebook staff is working hard to keep the users safe from these unwanted profiles, especially the under age users. If by any case one user gets added to your profile or maybe your friend's profile then the entire network keeps on showing in the "People You May Know" section.

To report and block- Select Report/Block option from the drop-down menu that appears adjacent to Message button in the users profile.
A dialogue box will pop up. Select the Block user option and select the appropriate reporting option in this case I am going with "Inappropriate profile photo".

In the dialogue box that follows, you will be asked the reason for reporting the profile photo.

The reason are given you must select the appropriate option, depending on what the profile picture depicts.

After clicking the continue button, you get three options. You can report to Facebook. Also in this step either you can block the user or you can message the user to remove the profile picture.

You are done, here.
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