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Best QWERTY Keypad Phones of 2012

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With the touchscreen ruling the roost, other phones seem to have taken the backseat. The touch-screen smartphone is stylish and though it takes some getting used to it, most users don’t mind the effort.
The initial frustration of pinpointing the right alphabet on a capacitive screen doesn’t last long. You usually get used to it, but some don’t. For those individuals, a QWERTY keypad is as far as they would go in the tech revolution.
That’s why companies manufacturing phones with QWERTY keypads witness steady sales all through the year. A touch-screen phone might be the in-thing to possess, but what if functionality matters more than style to you?
That’s when you should go hunting for a smartphone with a QWERTY keypad. 

Blackberry Curve 9320

We all know that BlackBerry is the ultimate when it comes to QWERTY keypads. This along with the exclusive BB Messenger makes any device from the manufacturer a good buy.

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is a good budget buy if you’re allergic to touchscreen models. Typing on the sturdy keypad will ensure that convenience never leaves your fingers.

The BlackBerry 7.1 OS is certainly a huge improvement and adds to the stylish look of the phone. The BB App store support is also a handy addition.The 3.2 megapixel camera takes decent pictures, but it’s not for those who are click-crazy. The 320x240 resolution isn’t impressive, but the small screen won’t be a problem for those who welcome the QWERTY keypad.

Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos

Another QWERTY keypad phone that works wonders for those who love the sounds of typing. This Samsung beauty running on Gingerbread, offers users Android flexibility along with some nifty features.

The larger battery comes in handy if you’re using the dual-SIM feature and whether typing mails and texts take up a lot of your time. Released early 2012, this phone certainly picked up pace as the year passed by.

While other touchscreen phones may have hogged the limelight, this Samsung option is a good choice if QWERTY typing is your main requirement in a phone. It has both rear and front-end cameras.

Nokia Asha 302

Nokia has always been well known for coming out with somber-looking QWERT phones that did well with business users. However, its Asha 302 is much more stylish than the ones that have come before.

The Asha 302 stands out for two reasons: the QWERTY keypad and enhanced features. Broad buttons make constant typing an easier task and getting used to this phone doesn’t take long.

The 1GHz processor works wonders for online browsing. Faster load time is huge plus point and so is the addition of useful apps, unlike the 303. The three models mentioned here can really help you get rid of all your touchscreen woes. While it may not be very fashionable to use a QWERTY keypad smartphone, it certainly has its own advantages.

Such phones look pretty unique today and they last much longer since you’re not jabbing at the screen continuously. There are many others that can offer a better mobile experience, but at a higher price.
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