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Best Twitter Application for Ubuntu 12.04

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Twitter is a micro blogging platform. With twitter you can connect to a number of people. It is not necessary that you know the individual that you are connecting with. This feature makes twitter a great platform for small as well as big companies, celebrities, blogger, etc.

Ubuntu is a free, world'd third most popular operating system. I won't say that ever user must switch to this platform, because of its great features, and blazing fast execution. It is a platform that can be given a try, even if you are a Windows user.

Now, twitter can be accessed via browser in Ubuntu, but there is no fun in that. There must be client to access your tweets and get notified automatically. 


Ubuntu OS comes with its own Gwibber Social Client, that will help you in connecting to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and But Turpial is a better alternative. Turpial is a client that will let you connect to twitter and 

Turpial provides a number of features like automatic login. Well, it depends on you but if you have turned off automatic login then even if you will close the trupal window it will log off at that very instant so no need to worry about logging off especially if you are using a shared desktop or laptop. Turpial is designed in a way that it uses very low resources, so it is a great tool for notebooks. 

How to get Turpial?

In Ubuntu, juts open up Ubuntu Software Center and search for Turpial. It will be shown in the search list. Click it in the list, Turpial will get highlighted showing More Info and Install button.
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