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How social networking might change the world

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Here is a few ways in which social media may change the world as we know it. They include small changes to our every day routine, to large changes such as removing dictator governments. 

One day people may use social media as a way of avoiding people by pretending they are not in. 

People do not answer their landline if they want to pretend they are not in, but now people have mobile phones, which (due to their mobile nature) are always with people. So they have no excuse to not answer the phone. Sooner or later--social media will be so good at tracking people’s movements that people will be able to fake a location, so that it looks like they are not home, even though they are. Some tablet device apps already have similar locator technology, which can be faked to make it appear as if you are at home ill when you are supposed to be at work. 

One day a small child may gain a following higher than that of well-known celebrities and media whores. 

Even though common everyday folk have social media profiles, there may one day be a person who gains a massive following through cleverly exploiting social media. This will not change the world because it is expected. It will change the world when a child does it and people realize that some young people are smarter than a number of older people. 

One day a war may start up again because Pakistan accidentally clicked a Facebook "like" when India posted a message about a recent earthquake

There are plenty of misunderstandings on social media at the moment; it is only a matter of time before one of these misunderstandings happens on a global scale. One day a scientist may post his most recent invention on a social media platform. The scientist would be snubbed by the scientific community for seeking the glory without letting them look over the results, but the scientist may be addicted to social media and so not capable of communicating the with the outside world in a real and meaningful way. This would indicate that the social media has changed the world in making it so that people do not have to communicate with others (in real life) any more. 

One day a social media site may gain such a following that dictatorship and corrupted governments may take notice. 

Instead of the Americans moving in to remove dictators from power, some social media sites may get together and hold petitions where people sign up their name. This petition may be passed onto a dictator or corrupt government, who may then step down and hold free elections under the Geneva Convention of 1957. 

One day a social media website may be so secure that people are able to vote on it in the presidential elections. 

Even now, social media votes would be more secure than traditional voting (if Florida has any say in the matter). It is possible that one day people will be able to vote using social media websites. 

Social media and TV will merge 

This will mean that you can “like” a program as you watch it. You could even post about what you are watching, whilst you are watching it. You could interface with your friends so that it feels like they are actually there. That way you will not have to invite them round, which will mean you will not have to clean the house--which will free to you up to do other things--such as watch TV. 

One day your religious leader will hold sermons over social media

Less and less people attend church, so eventually if Westerners are going to keep the faith (because easterners certainly are), then religious leaders are going to have to put down their pen and paper and join the online community. They will have to hold sermons over social media. They will probably hold wedding ceremonies over the Internet on social media--that way people will be able to get married over the Internet during the advertisement break. 
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