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Poke on Facebook will make you unsecure

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There is one feature on Facebook "Poke". A very common feature and maximum users do know that it exists. But I can assure you that maximum users who are familiar with the existence of this "Poke" feature don't exactly know what it does.

General definition of Poke is-

A “poke” is basically someone trying to get your attention. It’s one of the meaningless features that are used just to annoy someone. 

Next Big things

But that’s not all. Learn the next big meanings of Poke feature.
If you poke someone not in your network and they poke back. You can view their profile even if your not their friend!
That means you make your hidden stuff on your profile page visible to that specific person with whom you just played poke-poke (you poked me I poked you back). Now, the question is- for how long the other user may get access to your profile? Well,
A poke is when you allow someone to see your Facebook page for 3 days, so they can know who you are and hopefully add you as a friend.

Why we have this feature then?

According to the use, this feature stands good. It is used to confirm a user before sending friend request. For example, you saw a user and you felt like he/she was with you back in High School, but you are not sure. You'll try to access profile to know a bit more, but that users has maximum of his profile hidden. So you'll poke.
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