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Wordpress 3.5 - Expected Features

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wordpress 3.5
December 5th is going to witness the launch of the WordPress 3.5 version. WordPress has an undefined rule of releasing new versions every six months and based on that the time has arrived for the release of a new version. WordPress is the best Content Management System in the whole world and a majority of the sites online have adopted WordPress. The previous version 3.4 created a great impact and 3.5 is expected to have some exciting features.  Let’s take a deep look at some of the features expected of it.

Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve is a default theme and WordPress 3.5 is expected to ship along with the theme. This theme is expected to have some strikingly stylish looks, responsive and elegant outlook and a few amazing enhancements. Features like Home Page templates, Mobile Responsive, Post Formats and Language Support (Left-to-Right) have some interesting changes worth exploring.

Media Library

The interface “Media Library” has been completely revamped. In this new WordPress 3.5 version, a new edit screen opens up when you like to make changes to an image. This complete post-like screen can be effectively used to edit alternate texts and captions like before. In short, it has been made to be more functional and user-friendly. Image manipulating software has been changed to deliver better results while resizing images.

Media Uploader

Media Uploader has also been completely transformed in the latest version WordPress 3.5. The old feature “Upload/Add” has been updated with a unique “Add Media” button. You can upload images on the interface at a much faster rate than before. Selecting images from media library is simple and the “drag & drop” option has been included additionally. The gallery thumbnails feature has been given extra importance as it was a failure in the previous versions.


Popular sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr have interesting content and you might like to embed them in your WordPress site. This can be easily performed by merely pasting the URL of the content on the WordPress site. Content get attached and they will be displayed without the need to embed codes. The three new oEmbeds services in WordPress 3.5 are Instagram, SoundCloud and SlideShare. oEmbeds appear default in this new version and can be turned off if want. The maximum embed size is inherited directly from the theme and there is no more a dedicated settings page for it.

Links Manager

The “Links Manager” feature is disabled automatically in WordPress version 3.5. For all the new installs, the plug-in works behind the scene to duplicate all the functions related to Link Manager. This is a bold move taken by WordPress in its new version 3.5. Regular customers of WordPress who have used several versions of it have stated that the Link Manager has been rarely used even though it is a valued one.

Edit Screen

The “Edit Screen” option has been simplified to a great extent. WordPress works on improving its interface in every version. If you have a Retina display, you can experience the new look in the edit screen. Color Picker has been updated making it easier for you to choose colors. The HTML 5 tag, which was initially not supported, is now accepted by TinyMCE which triggers the visual edit buttons.

So bloggers, WordPress has decided to deliver the best every time, so that you get a good blogging experience. Will WordPress 3.5 meet today’s standards? The answer to this will be known within a few days.
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