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Yahoo Unveils 'Revamped Mail Service'

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Yahoo, on Tuesday, unveiled a newer version of its email service that’s slated to be faster, sleeker and easier to use. The latest version is said to be a user-friendly interface designed with an intention of giving users easy and quicker access to their emails. News about the revamp was announced by Marissa Mayer on Yahoo’s corporate blog. Apart from being available on the Web, this latest version is slated to be available on all other major platforms, such as smartphones and tablets. Tablets include Google’s Android devices, Apple’s iOS devices and Windows Phone 8 devices. The newer version of Yahoo Mail is, perhaps, the first major product revamp by Marissa Mayer, former Google executive, who became Yahoo’s Chief Executive.

Shortly after taking over the reins of a struggling Yahoo, she said that one of her top priorities was to create an understandable and organized mobile strategy and to reverse the company’s long years of declining profits. The changes in Yahoo Mail came in response to the changing user needs and requirements. The upgrade means that Yahoo has worked a lot in trying to keep pace with Google and other Web mail service providers who are offering free and better service for their users.

The revamped mail service is, no doubt, easier to use. And with the Yahoo Mail app, according to reviews in Google Play and Apple’s App Store, you can access your inbox with a single touch. If you scroll continuously, you can scan all your inbox messages without any sort of interruption. This app comes in handy even while composing messages. This app lets you attach images or take new images even while you are composing a message. You also get to preview attached images. By swiping left, you will be able to delete, move, mark as read or flag the message. This app also lets you select multiple messages at the same time. When you are looking for a particular message, this app will simply let you search all the files and folders. With the newer version of Yahoo Mail in place, it is expected that the email services will have a consistent look across platforms.

Google and Microsoft have already enhanced their email capabilities with an effort to take on the market. With the revamped email offering, Yahoo will certainly not stay in the sidelines of the industry. While Android and iPhone Yahoo Mail apps will be available to users immediately, the desktop app will start rolling out in the next few days.

Being a well-known name in the Silicon industry, Mayer, with her years of experience, is expected to bring Yahoo back to its glorious days. Yahoo was one of the most popular search engines and email services providers in the mid-90 when it suddenly fell way behind other small yet innovative companies. Mayer joined Yahoo early July after the beleaguered company had a string of three CEO’s in leading the company. With Mayer at the helm, Yahoo may recapture its place as one of the leaders of the industry.
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