Friday, 7 December 2012

YouTube and Mashable got a makeover

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The world's most popular video portal is live with it's new look. Like blogger YouTube now features Send Feedback button at the right bottom. You can send a brief description and highlight and blackout any area of the screen while sending the screenshot with the feedback. 

YouTube has also added Upload button just next to search bar. Upload can be done via standard file selection dialog box or just by drag and drop operation. Instead of uploading users can use their webcam to create a video and that very instance. Google+ Hangout on Air is now directly linked to YouTube.

HD videos can be uploaded upto 15 minutes length with an unverified account. To increase this limit or get your YouTube account verified just click the link at the bottom of upload video window. To verify you need to select your country and provide your cell number. You will receive a verification code on the provided number enter that code when asked. You can now upload HD videos of length greater than 15 minutes.

YouTube dashboard has a drag and drop interface to rearrange and customize your dashboard. You can also access analytics very easily from your dashboard as it shows an overview of it. For more detailed version just click on the stats and you will be on your analytics section. From analytics page you can know which video was seen, from where it was accessed, gender of the audience, playback locations, top traffic sources.

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Mashable has also launched it's new design. The new layout is responsive and has endless scrolling, i.e. the page automatically loads more every-time you reach the end of the page.
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