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Choose when to deliver email updates via feedburner

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Maximum publishers or blogger on the world wide web use Feedburner, to deliver daily email updates to their readers. Publishers rely on different platforms like Blogger, WordPress or tumblr, etc.
Set when to deliver feed updates to your readers.
Delivery Options

How to do this?

  1. Login into your feedburner account.
  2. Go to 'Publicize' tab, 
  3. Choose Email Subscriptions and then Delivery options.
  4. Select appropriate Time Zone and time span.
  5. Click Activate button, if service is already active click Save.


Well, there is a little advantage that may help you retain "not-interested" readers. This isn't a phone call that will disturb a subscriber. But if you are targeting a local area then, it serves as a great tool. It's all about better targeting.

Mine is a global blog

In that case, try considering your maximum  traffic location before setting the Time Zone, and time span between which you want the mail delivery to take place.

Users run their blog on custom domain name, in that case you can always host your feedburner feeds with your your own domain name or learn how to auto-publish your feeds to twitter with hash tag.
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