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Facebook Gifts Will Now Include 'iTunes Credits'

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The giant in technology, Apple and the world famous social network, Facebook have joined hands. This comes as no surprise, because it is likely that the two most successful companies in various fields combine to get more revenue. This has happened; Facebook has decided to add iTunes gift certificates to its popular Facebook gifts section. As a bonus, when you purchase an iTunes certificate, you can suggest your friends or family members on what to spend their gift certificate. The certificate is available for various amounts of money and starts from $10 and moves upward.

iTunes is one of the best and popular presents, and Facebook has taken the right decision by adding it to its gift store. This change will definitely boost the sales in Facebook’s Gift Store. Although Facebook will have to share 30% of the margin with Apple, the results that add to the already famous social networking site are going to be mind-blowing. The margin split is released, but the revenue split is maintained highly confidential. Both the partners are free from shipping costs, and Apple does charge app developers about 30% for their content to be sold in iTunes. So, how much Apple and Facebook make out of this and in what percentage they share the revenue is still unknown.

This is the latest development between Apple and Facebook after the social network was included in iOS6. Prior to this, Facebook social context and sharing buttons found a place in iTunes. If the latest tie-up turns in to a success sharing, news about the purchase of an iTunes credit will increase in Facebook. Looking at the efforts that Facebook takes, I guess it is hard for any other social network to occupy its place. Good to go Facebook.

The merge with Apple is a big day for Facebook because iTunes has made their gift store special. Earlier, the gift store was available only to a handful of people, but now Facebook has rolled it out to millions of customers and added loads of gift vendors. So, from now on, apart from wishing your friend on his/her birthday, you can also send them a gift. Gift ideas can also be shared and Facebook seems rather serious in its ecommerce business.

Purchasing an iTunes gift from the Facebook gift store is a gentle process. All you have to do is simply select a friend to whom you wish to gift something and select the amount of money you like to put on the gift certificate. You also have the option to suggest gift ideas, so that they can pick one easily. Ideas can be chosen from “Top Albums” or from the traditional method of using the search box. The gift will now be wrapped and it will appear on their Timeline and remain there until it is opened. The process itself sounds interesting and I am sure this will tempt many to purchase iTunes gifts.

Facebook can implement this new feature in a smart way and make more revenue. It should analyze to display different gift lists to various devices. For example: A customer who has records using Facebook from his/her smartphone can be suggested with gifts related to their phone. Facebook can also recommend gifts based on the likes and interests of people. For example: A Starbucks card will be a perfect gift for Android app Facebook customers.

If your friend is interested in music, you can gift him/her the latest music album. If a few are interested in games, probably, you can suggest Angry Birds or Bad Piggies and so on. So, basically, you end up gifting somebody the latest in fashion that they badly crave for.

Facebook Gifts has now stepped in to a whole new world of shopping, which involves a lot of guess work and decision making. It smoothens the process of sending gifts to your friends by introducing this whole new method. The outcome of this will be revealed during the holiday season, which has just started. Transform your shopping into an adventure by making use of iTunes through Facebook.
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