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How to insert your logo in your RSS feeds

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Maximum users (publishers) use feedburner to publish their RSS feeds. A very powerful tool to gain readership on internet. 

I have subscribed for email newsletter of my own blog. And above is the screenshot. Hopefully you have encountered my weblog's logo on upper right corner.

What is the advantage?

Well, apart from looking great, it helps you make your newsletter a bit more branded. Buying you domain is the first step to brand your blog/website. The second step is your logo and content.

How to place it?

  1. Log-in into your feedburner account.
  2. Go to Optimize Tab and then select Feed Image Burner.
  3. Put the url of your logo in Link field. 
  4. Enter image title. Image title is 'alt text' it gets displayed if you logo cannot be displayed.
logo in email newsletter


Your logo image has a predefined dimensions of a maximum 144*144 pixel, i.e., your image must not exceed height and width of 144 pixels each. So you need to upload your logo according to above criteria.

How to upload the image?

Create a new blog post (in case you are using Blogger) and upload image in that post. Now, save the post as draft. Copy link of the image you have uploaded in your draft post and paste that in 'Link' field. A more detailed version of image upload and url is here. Now just 'save' and 'activate' this service.

After you are done with updating your email subscription with your own logo. You can brand your feeds with your own custom email, create custom confirmation mail. You can access all feedburner tutorials here.
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