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How to install WordPress on server

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The best way to practice WordPress installation in via Demo cPanel that is available as a Dashboard when you sign up or rent a web server. In this article I'll be using Demo cPanel of Bluehost.
  1. Go to BlueHost and click Demo cPanel link or click here.
  2. You'll get logged into Demo cPanel account. Select Simple Script in Software/Services tab.
  3. A Script List will open up there you can spot WordPress in Blogs category.
  4. On the next page you will see Install WordPress wizard with a number of external links pointing to official wordpress site, documentation, etc. Select "Install" button.
  5. The next page is divided into three steps. Step1: 1.1 Select the version of WordPress you want to install--- you need to install the latest stable version, placed on the top of drop-down menu. 1.2 Select where you want to get it installed? Now, you may have encountered that some blogs are accessed by accessing the home page URL (eg. while some blogs are accessed by sub-urls (eg. Step 2:
    You can select advanced options You can name you site, create username and password for your wp account, create databases (keep the box checked to create databases automatically).
    Step 3:
    Select plugins to install (optional).
    Step 4:
    Accept the terms and conditions to use wp. Click Complete.
  6. It will take sometime, the installation progress will be shown on the last screen one its finished, you're done.
Now just practice to get acquainted to wp installation on server. Notice that this is a demo install, therefore, installation will never complete but it depicts the exact procedure.
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