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Learn Web Design and Development for free

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Prerequisite for every web based course whether it is web designing or web development is the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The second on the list is JavaScript and jQuery. These courses are available online to learn and that too for free.


There are a great number of tracks available at codecademy. Web Fundamentals track that covers HTML and CSS. JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby and Python. All the tracks are divided into units. These units are divided into sections and each section has exercise. This layout is more like book but editor and console makes this book highly interactive and thus focuses on practical aspects.
free online web development course
Editor and console
After completing the required courses you may start learning a great track that I didn't mentioned in the list above, and that is a track dedicated to API.


Well, there is no free site on the web having content greater than this. You'll find HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Ajax, JavaScript, PHP, XML, ASP.NET, and son on. But the greatest problem that you may encounter is the practical version. Even after you have learned web designing and start to apply then this may also serve as a great reference guide. But even after going through the conetent you may still be unable to apply the knowledge you gained.

This portal contains videos on YouTube and the site is completely free. Unless you want to download the video series. If you like the content then you may donate. The site is an excellent platform for learning PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter (PHP framework), CSS. The best part is that maximum videos are of short duration. 

NOTE- If you have good amount of time then you can learn a lot, though this is also true that you may still need to struggle  also non of these are as good as paid course but still if you compare the price then these are best. So, don't compare these with paid courses and classes.
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