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Microsoft Surface Pro - Early Review

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Though Microsoft was not present at the recently concluded CES in Las Vegas, it did manage to give visitors some information on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet. The Pro tablet kind of looks more like a laptop and does indeed have a full blown Windows 8 OS. Powering the tablet is i5 processor from Intel, though nothing much is known about the clock speed as of now. In looks it is very much like Surface RT, though much better in many ways. The Surface it may be remember actually runs a sliced down version of Windows 8 that wouldn't let you install older software though they may be compatible with earlier Windows releases. 

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The Surface Pro is a little thicker than the RT and that you feel the moment you lift it by your hands, but when simply seen them placed alongside, you will not perceive it though. The molded magnesium body, the ergonomic 22 degree stand is all the same as in the RT. At 900 g, that is just a little more than half the weight of a comparable laptop, it is all power and pushes with a 4GB RAM to back its performance. The Surface Pro includes an in-built graphic processor which makes it all the more powerful.

If everything goes as planned, then the Surface Pro will hit the stands around the last week of January this year, and in all probability will be competing with Apple’s iPad. However, not much can be said about the performance due to the fact that the Pro isn't much to talk about when it comes to battery life. If we are to believe those who have already had hands on experience, at 4-hour between-cycle recharge, that’s certainly a downer.

In terms of display too, the Surface Pro is very much in the mould of RT. Display size is 10.6 inch with the display bonded optically, but in terms of resolution it is far better with a 1366 X 768 true to life high definition capability. With this improvement it should be possible for the Pro to compete with Apple’s retina display products with confidence. Another notable feature that some users are reporting is the fact that it can be attached to a bigger monitor with the tablet acting as pad. That they attribute to the pen which comes with the Pro.

The only reason you may have to feel disappointed with the Pro is that it is neither a Tablet, for which it is too big and heavy, nor a laptop, for which it is too small. Adjusting the angle is not feasible and neither can it be used in portrait mode, because it has a 16:9 display ratio. If these two flaws really don’t matter to you, then you can consider it as an alternate to carrying a laptop around. The fact that there is going to be lots of Surface Pro apps in the future is a point in favor. Some even see the unveiling of RT and Pro as a prelude to Microsoft becoming a major hardware company in the immediate future.

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