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Samsung's Upcoming 5.8-inch 'Galaxy Fonblet'

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The rapid rate at which new state-of-the-art devices are being announced is indeed impressive. Equally impressive, it appears, is the rate at which new names are being conjured by technology companies to suit these very devices! The latest portmanteau twist comes from Samsung who, insiders believe, have recently heralded the “Galaxy Fonblet,” a massive 5.8-inch gadget blending the virtues of a smartphone and a tablet.

What’s interesting is that Samsung have not officially announced the Galaxy Fonblet yet. Rumors about the Galaxy Fonblet became viral when SamMobile, the definitive information source for all things Samsung, featured the proposed specifications and images of the upcoming launch on their pages. From then on, various online forums have propounded their own theories regarding the facets that the Fonblet could acquire.

With the above in mind, here’s more about this keenly anticipated, intriguingly-named hybrid device:

Looks and Structure

Upon first sighting the internet images, the Galaxy Fonblet appears remarkably analogous to Samsung’s Galaxy Player (5.8), which is available solely in South Korean markets.

The display, unquestionably, is the outstanding attribute – a gargantuan 5.8-inch AMOLED capacitive display possessing a 960 by 540-pixel resolution. These stellar display facets should accord excellent visuals suffused with bright colors, precise detailing, enviable black-and-white reproduction, and superior contrasts. The viewing angles and screen density is also expected to be of a high standard. The touchscreen functionality is likely to be enhanced by a combination of the proprietary TouchWiz know-how along with Motion user design.

Continuing with the device’s likeness to the Galaxy Player, the Fonblet will most probably sport a large chiselled white chassis with minimalist controls at the front and rear. Similarly, the bottom side segment will contain a grille external speaker, the rear segment will house a 3-megapixel camera, and the screen will embed a VGA front-facing camera. The Fonblet’s dimensions are expected to be in the 165 by 86 by 11-milimeter range making the device slightly onerous to hold, carry, and operate.

The Fonblet will be available in either a black or pristine white shade.


A major connectivity highlight is the provision for two SIM cards. Besides this, the Galaxy Fonblet is set to feature ports for micro USB, headphones, and even micro SD (supporting up to 32GB of additional memory). Moreover, T-DMB (for high-frequency transmissions), Bluetooth (4.0), Wi-Fi, and Assisted GPS functionalities may also be included.

Internal Attributes

  1. The Galaxy Fonblet will probably entrench a 1GHz dual core central processor like the Galaxy Player and possess 1GB of RAM to collectively make the device responsive and adept at multitasking.
  2. The Fonblet will ship with either Android 4.1 or 4.2 (Jelly Bean) as the operating interface. This should come in handy considering the entire arsenal of Google and Android applications that will be at one’s disposal.
  3. The device will contain a battery rated 2500mAh or higher signifying good sustenance on a single charge.

Closing Remarks

Samsung is slated to formally release the Galaxy Fonblet at the Mobile World Congress in February. If the aforementioned features indeed prove true and if the price is right, the product may turn out to be a winner!
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