Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Ultimate fact file channels on YouTube

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YouTube is full of videos and sometimes this vastness makes it difficult to find the exact or great content. So, here's a small list of some YouTube Channels that you can watch and subscribe to get latest updates. If you love Discovery than this is a channel equivalent to the most amazing shows on Discovery.


This channel contains videos in which Michael will tell help you walk through a number of science and fictions. It can be Physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. But what ever, he will make you understand the base concept, with the most amazing visuals. 


Vsauce2 carried out by Kevin. The show contains a number of Playlists featuring different amusements. Like Mind Blow showcases amazing technologies and facts, Weirdos of the Month contains a list of weird events, people, etc. 


The latest version of Vsauce series. Vsauce3 showcases facts, stories and errors of the game-world. Ultimate channel to subscriber if you are a gamer. And if not even then you can see the fact behind games. Carried out by Jake.

There is a never ending series on YouTube and probably I have missed 99% of them. Please comment below to let me know more.
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