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Import your blogs HTML Improvement data into Google Docs

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Maximum search engine depend on meta description of your blog post, website and blog post. The optimum length for any meta description is 160 characters according to Google.

How to get HTML improvement suggestions?

  1. Login in into your Google webmasters tool.
  2. Select a site from the list.
  3. Goto 'Optimization' > 'HTML Improvement'.
Here, you will find suggestions that indicate-

1. Meta Descriptions-

  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Long Meta Descriptions- Having a long meta description is a low level problem as search engines truncates everything after 160 characters.
  • Short Meta Descriptions- This is something where you may loose search engine optimization as you are not utilizing the given resource.

2. Title Tags-

  • Missing
  • Duplicate
  • Long
  • Short

3. Non-indexable content

Means content like video, audio, images, etc. that cannot be indexed.

How to Import data to Google Docs in Google Drive?

  1. Select any of them that shows error count. 
  2. Click to open it.
  3. Click Download button. Select 'Google Docs'.
  4. Your entire data will get imported into 'Google Docs' as spread sheet.
Download your data to google docs for SEO analysis

How is this import helpful?

Correcting meta description optimum length errors are very easy. This is nothing more than editing the text. But when there are more than, 20 such pages showing this optimization error. Then, it all get a headache, because you cannot edit all those 20+ errors in a single day. 

So, what you can do is import data into Google Docs and then start correcting even a single error you can delete the entry from the imported spreadsheet. This will help you in continuing the work at later time. This is not possible in webmaster section. Refreshing after editing one page or article won't create a decrease in count immediately.

Now, you can analyse the data.

Sticky Note app for Ubuntu

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A sticky note is always helpful doesn't matter if it is on your refrigerator or virtually on your desktops screen. Sticky Notes application for Windows is very common. But it is available for other operating systems too.

Ubuntu is the third most popular OS, which is widely used. From the 'Ubuntu Software Centre' you can download sticky notes for Ubuntu OS.

Sticky Notes app for Ubuntu
The above Sticky Note application is filed under the name 'XPAD'. You can add new notes, delete notes, save them. 

Unlike other notepads, XPAD is not limited to selected colors only. You can control the color of notepad as well as of the text for each sticky note that you create.

To change colors-

Right click on the sticky note.
Goto pad and then properties.
From there you can customize the color of individual pad.

If you are using Ubuntu, then most probably, you are smart enough to explore this little application.

Do you use Android?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Update RSS immediately: Feedburner

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Whenever an article is published it takes around 30 minutes maximum to get included in your feeds. Thirty minutes is the default refreshing time in FeedBurner.

In case of news sites or blogs, these 30 minutes mark may cost you your top position for a particular news, as RSS reader applications may get late updates. The higher the readership, the higher will be the loss.

How to overcome this?

If you have published any article, that is required to be delivered to your readers as soon as possible then,
  1. Go to FeedBurner Ping.
  2. Enter the URL of your blog.
  3. Click 'Ping FeedBurner'.
This is manual process and may possibly prove a exhaustive job but it is not always required. Only when, you need to throw immediate updates. You are not required to be logged in into your feedburner or Google account to use this service.

immediately update your RSS feeds
Almost anyone, whether a publisher or a user may perform this service. This is also helpful in case you or your team have published  high number of articles. After updating your feed you can set up autopublish feeds to twitter or set automatmatic redirection from non-www to www domain name.

ALSO SEE- (use pingshot to notify your reader for feed updates, immediately). You can access all Feedburner tutorials here.

Increase your productivity using apps: Google Docs Part 2

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The entire world is moving online. Doesn't matter if you want to talk to a friend, be a part of conference, do office work, every thing is shifting online.

Google drive offers a user to do entire office work online using document, spreadsheet, forms, drawing, but this is not the limit. A Google Drive user can connect a number of external applications with Google Drive and be more productive.

The first in this series was-

How to connect external applications?

  1. Login into your Google Drive.
  2. Click 'Create' button and then 'Connect more apps'.
  3. connecting application to your google drive
  4. A box will open up featuring all the available applications.
  5. Select the one you need.
  6. Click 'Allow access' button and one more 'allow' button will appear to confirm app by google account.
    authenticate your application
Now, the you can use the apps from the list that appears in 'create' button menu.

Implementing SEO in Blogger blog [Infographics]

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A small info-graphics depicting application of SEO techniques for a Blogger blog. There are a 100 possibilities that always make blogging with Blogger a success but users still are worried because their blog is still running on Blogger.

Friday, 22 February 2013

How to disable or enable images in Gmail?

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To fight against spam, Gmail blocks images received in emails from other users. There are a lot of images in emails received mainly via newsletters and promotional offer.

Gmail leaves it all completely at your disposal, whether you want to show the images or not. If you want to get images displayed then, whether temporarily or permanently.

enable images temporarily or permanently

Enabling images is easy, Display images below- activates images on temporary basis whereas Always display images from ...- activates images permanently for that particular sender's email address.

How to disable images?

  1. Click on the downward pointing arrow just next to "to me".
  2. Click on 'Don't display from now on'.
disable images in Gmail mails
You are done. Now images won't get displayed in any email from that particular email address.

Hands-on with Sprint's Flash Android Smartphone

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Sprint has named its new gadget as ‘Flash’ and has quietly slipped into the category of budget smart-phones. ZTE and Sprint released the gadget with less paparazzi by simply selling it in online stores. They also released a spec sheet for customers who are much interested in learning about this new budget phone. This hidden gem has been noted for its 12.6MP camera. Take a look at a detailed description of this phone.


  • It weighs about 5.2 ounces with a height of about 5.27 inches
  • The HD display screen looks fair enough with 4.5 inches built-in with IPS technology
  • It comes with a 1780mAh Lithium battery that is capable of withstanding 8 hours of talk time in a single charge
  • Flash sports a 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM
  • Memory can be expanded up to 32GB using the microSD card slot


  • Comes with a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm dual core processor
  • Supports 4G and 3G LTE hotspot connectivity and can be used up to 8 devices that enable Wi-Fi at the same time
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • The highlight of the gadget is the rear camera with 12.6MP. It comes with LED flash and autofocus
  • Flash also comes with a front camera of 1MP with 720p sufficient for playback, uploading and recording
  • Stereo headset jack


  • Comes with the popular Android Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System
  • Availability of Google Talk™ using which business and personal emails, messages can be done with ease
  • Comes built-in with the Google Mobile™ services like Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Voice Search, Google Calendar and Google Maps
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)technology
  • Have access to the Play Store with almost 600,000 apps. It consists of songs, books and movies to match the needs of different people
  • The all new Sprint ID provides you with unlimited apps, ringtones and widgets to personalize your phone


  • MusicPlus and Sprint Radio to entertain the music lover within you
  • Sports lovers can get first hand information of your favorite sport with NASCAR, TV and Live Sprint Football

The Beam

The all new feature is the ‘Beam.’ With this feature you can share data with other phones much faster than before. Using the ‘Beam’ you can share contacts, webpages, maps and YouTube videos by merely touching the two phones together. Is your friend new to your town? He might find great difficulty in finding out directions in a map. You can go to his immediate help by sharing directions using the Google Maps.


The ‘Flash’ is popular for its 12.6MP camera, but sadly delivers a sub-par performance. The Sprint’s Flash Android Smartphone is a decent one, but can never be compared with some of the high end phones like LG Optimus G, Samsung Galaxy S3 and others. These Android based phones deliver better performance in terms of features, battery life and outward appearance. Whereas, when this phone is weighed against some of the other budget phones in the market, ‘Flash’ holds a special place for itself.
Author's Bio: This is a guest post is brought to you by Samantha Kirk, a writer for AT&T U Verse. Samantha provides up to date content and information for AT&T.

Increase SEO by making title Unique

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Google and Bing search engines crawl each of your blog's article. In this process spiders also crawl your content for uniqueness.

Maximum publishers using any platform WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, etc. always have one mistake. Publishers have templates created in a way that each of the article published on them always have the name of the blog in the title tags. And thus killing, the uniqueness of the title. This kills your SEO.

How to detect this?

Very simple, just hover your mouse on the tab of your browser the entire title will automatically get displayed.

display title of your blog post

How to remove this from Blogger template?

Another easy step-

  1. Login into your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Select your blog from the list.
  3. Goto Template > edit html.
  4. Use 'Ctrl+F' to find <title> and </title> tags.
  5. Remove any instance of <data:blog.title/> present between the title tags.
  6. Save your template.
remove blog name get higher SEO

Now, your Blogger template is ready to get higher traffic and better SEO. This error in found in both free as well as paid templates. Usually used for better branding of your blog but better SEO is more important, which will get you better traffic.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Auto publish your feeds on twitter: Feedburner RSS

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Article marketing, by the means of sharing on social networking sites is a vital step. Article sharing starts with sharing your content on your own social networks. But as you blog grows it all starts becoming a hectic task to share every article that you publish. Especially when the frequency of your articles per day is high.
add twitter account to your feeds

Publishers using feedburner can easily bypass sharing on twitter with a simple functionality provided by feedburner. 'Socialize' allows a feedburner RSS publisher to auto tweet his newest submission on any desired twitter account.

Worried about hash tag

To make your article more discoverable on twitter, hash tag are used. While auto tweets via feedburner can automatically add has tags depending on the posts.
add twitter hash tags to rss feeds

How and what is added as hash tag?

There is a simple option that when selected automatically adds your category or tags (in Blogger) as hash tag.

Step 1: How to enable auto tweet?

  1. Login into your feedburner account.
  2. Select your blog from the list.
  3. Goto 'Publicize' tab.
  4. Navigate to 'Socialize' option in left sidebar.

Step 2: Adding twitter account?

  1. Click 'Add a Twitter account' button.
  2. A new window will popup, sign-in with your twitter account you want to use.
  3. Click 'Authorize app' button.
  4. After authorization you will get redirected back to feedburner.
  5. Click 'Activate'/'Save'.
Tweet published using auto tweet-
NOTE- You can add more than one twitter account, but unfortunately you can select only one to use.

Bloggers or publishers also have page on Facebook, connect Facebook page with twitter to auto-publish Facebook page status to twitter. All feedburner tutorials can be accessed here.

Get Your twitter stats?

The links tweeted are shortened by Google's URL shortner. So, you can also track how many times your twitter link was clicked.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Create a custom confirmation mail in feedburner

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Whenever a user signs up for email newsletter, he/she is first required to submit email id followed by a captcha. After this a confirmation link is mailed to the user via a confirmation email.

This confirmation email contains a message and a confirmation link which when clicked confirms the email subscription. The message in the mail can be customized in your way. Every publisher using feedburner can create a custom message for his/her readers.

How to create custom confirmation email message?

  1. Login into your feedburner account.
  2. Select your blog from the list.
  3. Goto 'Publicize' tab.
  4. Navigate to 'Email Subscriptions' and then to 'Communication Preferences'.

Now, customize the text in both the field-
  1. Confirmation Email Subject.
  2. Confirmation Email Body
NOTE- Don't forget to put ${confirmlink} in your 'Confirmation Email Body' field. This gets replaced by the confirmation link that the user clicks to confirm subscription. Without this entire process becomes useless. ${confirmlink} is a place holder in technical terms.

Access all other feedburner tutorials here.

Brand your feedburner RSS newsletters with your own email id

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Every feedburner email newsletter has an email id from which it is sent. The sender email address in every feedburner email newsletter is This email address is set by default whenever you start publishing your feeds with feedburner,but you can change it to your own public email address. If you have a custom domain name, then you can also claim your custom email id running on your own domain name (eg. if you have a domain then you can claim one or more email id like or

Change default feedburner email id

This is all a part of branding. With marketing point of view you also have the privilege of mailing your public mail id to individual subscriber. They may possibly reply with queries, doubts, suggestions, etc. Furthermore, this signifies more trusted source. In Gmail, because of this features a list of recent mails from the past appears showing upto 4 additional emails from recent past (a total of 5 mails in cluding the recent one).

Replace default email id with your own in RSS

How to brand feedburner newsletters with your own email id?

  1. Login into your feedburner dashboard.
  2. Goto 'Publicize' tab.
  3. Navigate to 'Email Subscriptions' then 'Communication Preferences'.
  4. Replace the default with your own email id.
  5. Click Save.
After branding successfully you can set up auto-publish feeds on twitter or access all feedburner tips and tricks here.

The Three Things You Forgot About Blogging

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Was your relationship with blogging love at first sight? Or was it something you worked your way up to? Either way, as you charge full speed ahead with your company’s blog, you might have forgotten about those few basic necessities that make every blog tick and every blog reader coming back for more. 

Yes, we’ve all forgotten about important elements of blogging; it’s an unfortunate side effect of sticking too much with trends, not taking the time to research best practices, or forgetting about the evolving world of online marketing. But there’s nothing to feat. In fact, you should be back at blogging (with a deeper understanding) in no time. Here are a few of the things you’ve forgotten about blogging.

Headlines Matter

Those 8-10 words you write at the top of your article can sometimes matter just as much as the 500-800 words you have following it. Just like newspaper and magazine headlines, titles act as an attention grabber. With all the fluff floating around on the Internet, you need something that’s going to reach right out to your audience and pull them in. Your headline is that handy little arm.

Some bloggers prefer to think up their headlines before they start writing their blog post. Others, come up with a killer headline after they’ve written their masterpiece. While neither practice is necessarily right or wrong, the latter allows for more creativity. When you know all the major points of your article, what matters most to your readers, and what topics are the most relevant, you can then create a headline worthy of everything else you’ve written.

Keep in mind that headlines should remain short and sweet. Also, headlines that promise a solution to a common problem make for great bait. Anything that has a “how to” or a “five things” is an immediate winner with most readers. 

The Blogosphere

You might have the best blog around, but so does everyone else. In other words, there are thousands, if not millions, of other bloggers that take on the same topics that you do. You might have similar ideas, similar audiences, and even similar businesses. Essentially, these bloggers are your competition. So how do you set yourself apart? By joining them. Yes, that’s right. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. The blogosphere is, first and foremost, a community. And this community needs interaction, shout outs, and references to survive. So why not give them what they need while getting the same in return?

Consider striking up partnerships with several fellow bloggers to exchange material, ad space, comments, and link. You’ll be able to tap into each other’s readership, share ideas, and produce interesting content to give yourself and your readers a break from the “same old, same old.” Guest blogging, link exchange, and even commenting on other blogs is a great way to a build a community that can help build your blog and business at the same time. 

You Can’t Please Everyone

It’s true. Your blog is going to upset someone, somewhere. So what can you do? Embrace this very fact. Blogging isn’t just about retelling the news, retyping the same stories over and over, or offering obvious and boring opinions. Blogging is supposed to be exciting for you to write and exciting for readers to read. So mix it up a bit and see what happens.

Blog posts that offer “devil’s advocate” views or even controversial arguments can become very popular. Even though people might not argue with your points, they might feel compelled to comment or share your blog. But don’t post anything you’re not willing to support wholeheartedly. In other words, don’t just write something because you know you’ll get a rise out of your readers. Be thoughtful, relevant, and interesting. It is these kinds of blogs that can do the most for you. 

The wild world of blogging is fast-paced and constantly evolving. If you jumped on the bandwagon to quickly or too long ago, there might be several important factors you’ve long since forgotten about blogging. While this article certainly can’t list all of them, the importance of headlines, the blogging community, and taking a road less traveled are all commonly forgotten blogging basics. 

By refreshing your blogging know-how and sharpening your skills, you can continue to develop your blog and your business. Whether you run a flower shop or a law firm, revisiting your blog every so often can be helpful in making sure that you haven’t missed anything that could potentially reel in more qualified leads or boost your SEO ranking. Yes, blogging is an ever-changing strategy, but a vital one at that. By keeping your blog updated, you won’t ever let it fall behind.

Author's Bio: Pete Wise for the Douglas and London Law Firm; whom represent clients across the entire US, taking on cases no one else will. They have decades of history as an New York law firm and it translates into the courtroom.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Review what to display on your Facebook Timeline

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This is a great privacy feature by Facebook that allows non-friend Facebook users to tag you. But as soon as you get tagged you will get a notification and post that notification you will be asked how to deal with that image or status.

All the photos and/or status will not make to your timeline unless you approve it. This is done by 'Timeline Review' of Facebook. With Timeline Review you can control everything on Facebook that relates to you. This include, but is not limited to, photos of you, comments, likes, about (content that has you in it's about page, eg. fan page, when you first met a person, etc.).

In short everything that is visible on your timeline publicly, friends of friends, only friends or only me. Furthermore, it also has a log of everything that you have searched for, on Facebook (and this is something that may possibly contain that you won't ever share with anybody).

How to access Timeline Review?

  1. The easiest way is to search for 'Activity Log' using search bar.
  1. Goto Privacy Settings.
  2. Under 'Who can see my stuff?' you will find 'Use Activity Log'.
  1. Use Facebook's 'Privacy Shortcut'.
In Activity Log, you can set visibility and highlighting options fir each post individually.

timeline review in Facebook

The Importance Of Meta Description Tag Testing & Optimisation For SEO

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Optimizing your site so that it gets more visitors is one of the best things any site owner can do. You want more visitors to your site so that your URL will rank higher when people search for you. While it is beneficial to do advertising to get your name out there, you really need to put a lot of focus on meta tag linking and SEO. These two things will definitely help when someone happens to be searching for something that you offer or talk about on your blog.

The Importance of SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, refers to using keywords and tags in your content so that it pops up when someone searches for that particular term. For example, if you happen to sell bicycles for a living and offer repair services online, you'll want to write a few of these keywords in your content so that it resonates when someone searches for that particular word. One thing you need to remember about SEO is that it can be a form of advertisement, so you need to make sure that your entire site is optimized as much as possible to get the most from it.

Another thing you should take into consideration is the quality if your content. You should never just write a whole block of text stuffed with a few keywords so that nothing makes sense. The quality and tone of your content make a world of difference when it concerns your ranking on popular search engines. If you have poor quality content, you should not expect the website to rank highly due to this problem. You should always strive for quality rather than quantity when it comes to the website that you are running for your business or blog.

How Meta Tags Work

Meta tags are used to describe your site using a few keywords that people will find when searching for them. The thing about meta tags is that you can use a number of different words to describe your site. The best thing for you to do when it concerns tagging words is to use very descriptive terms for your site so that people can find you. If you own a bicycle repair shop in a certain area, you need to use these specific terms as well as the specific area so that people will be able to find you easily.

Meta tags are similar to SEO content because of the fact that people will be searching for terms that you've used in your tagging. The best way to increase web traffic is by using specific terms that resonate with the type of site or blog you own. Obviously, good old-fashioned advertising is also necessary for a successful website, but creating a base that is grounded by SEO and meta tag optimization is one of the first steps to getting more people to visit your site and make use of it thoroughly.
Author's Bio: Juliet is an SEO Manager at Search Factory SEO agency in Brisbane, Australia. Juliet specialises in on and off-site SEO and knows that improving on-page elements like meta description tags can have a significant benefit on a website's overall traffic.

4 Trends In Email Marketing You May Have Missed

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email marketing tips
As you steadily move your business through the New Year and begin to plan the New Year's marketing strategy, you also have to look back at what you may have missed. Even though the marketing you previously did may have been successful, it may not have been as successful as you would have liked it to be. This is why every prudent businessperson needs to look back at the small things he/she may have missed that could have boosted their campaigns even further. There is no difference when it comes to email marketing. Here are some of the trends that may have slipped by you.

Mobile Marketing

With the great change in the mobile world due to the increase in smart phone use by the market, there has certainly been a rise in browsing with mobile phones, mobile buying and mobile email. This trend is expected to keep growing and if you did not previously take advantage of this, it should be top on your priority list this year. Make sure that your business is mobile friendly this year so that you can also tap into this growing market. You should also note that the key to successful mobile email marketing is being aware of the drawbacks and limitation of reading emails with mobile phones.

Social Media Marketing

The whole world has gone crazy about social media and this trend is also not expected to not let up in 2013. If you previously let this slip by you then you should jump right back in. When email marketing, make sure you include icons on the email newsletter link back to your social media accounts. This way you are sure to get more people interested in you and they will make it a point to follow what you post in the social media. As you know, simple curiosity can translate to great revenue for the business.

The Use of Videos

The influence and reach of the media is ever increasing and video has become an effective way of engaging and captivating the target audience. However, there are certain things you have to think of before you start using videos in your email marketing. First, you should try to embed any videos into the emails. You should also ensure that the video is either informative, funny or a great interview so that you keep the interest of the target audience. It should also be short and straight to the point. This will add great value to the email marketing campaign you run. Check out the Pure Leverage system, as it is able to do this trick easily.

Issuance of Free Coupons

People are now looking for ways of cutting down on their expenses and if you can offer them a way to save, they will come running to you. Coupons are an ideal way for a business to offer great savings for its customers and if you have not made use of them before then you should start. By doing so in your email, marketing you will not only be attracting more business but you will also enhance customer loyalty to you.

As you move further into the New Year, do incorporate all these trends into your email campaign. The success of any campaign depends on whether or not you do include certain things or you overlook them.
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Fred S. Montoya blogs regularly about topics he is most interested in. Mostly it’s about how to make money on the internet.

Mastering The Art Of Facebook Marketing

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Social media marketing is all the rave these days. Consultants are quick to advise that you jump on sites like Facebook to grow your business quickly. By taking effective steps to expanding your opportunity daily you can in fact grow your venture using Facebook. Move away from low energy, spammy tactics. These approaches kill your online reputation. Intend to create value and make connections. Follow up on this intent by acting on the idea. Write helpful blog posts and post to niche-specific Facebook Groups. Connect with individuals to expand your online presence.

Facebook marketing is quite easy if you adopt a simple, persistent approach to spreading the word about your business. Create value and make friends.

Create Value to Become Valuable on Facebook

Write helpful blog post directed at your business prospects. Listen to the needs of your target audience, build your content and share these posts on niche-specific Facebook Groups. By frequently posting helpful, relevant content to multiple Facebook Groups related to your niche you begin to establish yourself as an authority. Fellow Fbers will request you as a friend, opt in to your website and join your email list. The genesis of this process begins when you provide helpful content within the right groups on a persistent basis.

Avoid posting your business link to groups unless this is allowed. Most people are looking for a bit more to chew on. Prove you know your stuff by sharing value with your target audience. By posting your latest videos, articles and blog posts you instantly stand out from the crowd of folks who just posts a static, bland business page to groups day after day.

Make Friends with Facebook Folks

Making friends on Facebook is the quickest way to expand your network. Imagine how easy it will be to influence 10, 20 or 50 individuals to promote your latest business blog post or video? You can do this by promoting other people on a persistent basis. Facebook Share content you deem to be valuable and relevant to your audience, whether it is your content or your Facebook friend’s content, and you will begin to lay the groundwork for a long term, prospering relationship. You can achieve so much more, business-wise, in much less time if you build up a network of positive, supportive friends around you on Facebook.

Leverage your presence by taking the time to reach out and connect with people who share similar interests. Take a genuine interest in their success, and in getting to know them better. By doing this you can more easily influence people to know, like and trust you. Gaining the trust of an increasing group of people expands your friend network and business opportunity fast.

Show Up Daily

This simple piece of advice grows your opportunity fast. If you can simply show up each day you have no problems making a real impact on Facebook. Few people work the social site on a daily basis, routinely showing up in fits and starts every few days or week. The person who maintains an active daily presence can only reap some serious returns from their efforts in the long run.

Persistent people are the objection of much admiration and envy. The masses wonder how these folks do it, scratching their heads and wanting to learn more about the secret to their success. If you do show up daily on Facebook, sharing value and making strong connections with your friends, and new friends, you will generate a buzz around you, and your business, and you will stand out from the crowd. This is a key that so many entrepreneurs miss. Simply show up daily and you will distance yourself from the herd.

Author's Bio: Kelli Cooper, writing for Exhibit Deal, is a freelance writer who covers all things social media. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

4 Trends In Facebook Marketing You May Have Missed

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Facebook marketing is one of the most important aspects regarding social media advertising. Advertising using the power of Facebook is truly one powerful tactic that businesses underestimate. The big problem is not being able to use Facebook the right way. With all the different Facebook trends that become available, it is tough to actually keep up with each trend. In this article, you'll learn some powerful tactics on 4 of the best Facebook marketing trends right now that you must utilize to succeed and grow on Facebook.

4 Trends in Facebook Marketing You May Have Missed

Facebook Timeline Photos

Your goal should be to simply utilize the top of your Facebook profile to showcase your big logo or brand name. Many people highly recommend that you always display your brand the right way by showing your photos the right way. Facebook timeline photos should always be big and large, not to mention advertise your brand in an effective way. Consider highlighting a discount on your timeline photo. It isn't the only way to advertise on Facebook, but you should really consider creating top of the line images to engage your Facebook fans.


Utilize likes differently. When people likes your fan age, thank them by offering them a discount, special offer, or anything that you believe they deserve for liking. A huge trend that just took place was when Kraft offered their thousands of fans a music video that thanked them for their support, singling out each of their names. How cool, right?

Play Games

A great tactic to follow is to simply make people guess what you're trying to say. Coke has used the idea to make people guess a missing word. For example, they once used "Coke likes (blank)". This is a great tool that many people have been using recently, and it definitely is a great idea.

Location Based Check-Ins

The biggest trend in Facebook apps is the power of simply using location based check in sites to help let your customers let others know that they checked in to visit your business. Although not all kinds of check-ins are available for all stores, your goal should be to get your business out there to help you succeed. Located based apps are growing all day everyday with more businesses gaining more attention from customers who check in. On Facebook, there are all kinds of different sites that offer this, so you really need to consider getting into this.

Facebook marketing, when done right, can gain a lot of great customers and attention. The four trends listed above are great ways to help you get started and be on the right track for growing your brand on Facebook. It is not an easy task to grow your Facebook fan page to thousands of fans, but with the tips above, together with the strategy to buy Facebook fans, you will gain all kinds of customers and grow your brand on the #1 social network online. The key is to always engage and talk a lot about your brand through updates.
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Author' Bio: Bette K. Bannister is an author at She is dedicated at helping others succeed at online marketing by posting her strategies.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in Ubuntu 12.10

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The operation, utilities and applications usage always differ from user to user. There are shortcut to deal with all of them in Ubuntu Operating System. Though the shortcuts for the base operation like Select All, CCP (cut, copy, paste) remains same for all the operating systems.

Ubuntu offers user to change a number of keyboard shortcuts.
system setting in Ubuntu

How to change?

  1. Launch 'System Settings'.
  2. Click Keyboard.
  3. Switch to 'shortcuts' tab.
  4. Now navigate and select anything that you want to change.
  5. After selecting press the desired shortcut and you're ready to use it.

External Storage V USB Memory Sticks

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When it comes to promoting yourself and your business, one of the first things you should consider is a custom USB flash drive. You have a lot of choices available to you when it comes to promotional gifts designed to get people interested in what your line of work is all about, so why not try a promotion USB flash drive? You get an impressive degree of flexibility in terms of what you can put onto your custom USB stick, USB memory sticks can be made cheaply, and they can leave a strong impression on potential clients.

In short, a promotion USB stick can serve as a fantastic, interactive calling card for your business. A custom USB used to its fullest potential can be one of the most effective tools for promotion and education you could ever hope to come across.

The sooner you understand what USB storage can mean for your business, the sooner you can decide if a promotion USB is something that would be a smart fit for the promotional plans you have in store for your business.

USB Memory Sticks For Promotion

USB memory sticks are an external storage device that vary in size, but allow for a wide range of content to be saved to them, which can then be transferred to another device. All you need is a USB port, and most devices, such as laptops, come with at least one USB port. Since it’s possible to upload virtually any type of data you wish, USB memory sticks allow for a great deal of freedom in terms of what can be shared between devices. A business can upload a wide range of promotional and educational materials to a USB memory stick, which can be purchased cheaply in bulk from a number of retailers, and then distribute these memory sticks at trade shows and other events.

Most businesses opt for a 1GB memory stick, but there are memory sticks available with larger storage capacities. The size you choose for your own business will of course depend on how much you want to show to people, whether it’s images, video, PDF files, or more.

No matter what you want to put on a USB memory stick, and regardless of what size of memory stick you opt for, it should be clear that this can be an incredibly useful, inexpensive way of turning potential customers into actual customers.
Author's Bio: This article was written by Alan a USB expert who buys his memory sticks from 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blogger Image upload limit: 1Gb Myth

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The number of publishers using Blogger platform to blog is not very clear. But it is true that there are several millions.

Where Blogger images are stored?

Quit simple, if you have googled it you know that all the images that you upload on Blogger are stored as albums in Picasa Web Album.

Along with this, maximum bloggers claim that Picasa allows a space limit of 1Gb, which is true. According to this, you are not liable to upload images to your blogger blog, once you have used 1Gb.

1Gb Myth?

Your uploads are not counted, when they are made by other Google services like Google+, Google Maps and Blogger. Though, you blogger uploads are there in Picasa but they are not counted.
blogger upload limit

Then, how much is the limit?

As per Google forums, all these images upload are counted against your Google Drive space, which is 5Gb (free account). 5Gb is quite a lot of space to upload images but in case you are able to fill up all of it then you can upgrade your Google Drive. Upgrades are priced at $2.49/month for 25Gb upgrade, $4.99/month for 100Gb and so on upto 16Tb priced at $799.99/month

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Using SEO analyzer: Complete SEO Part 3

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There are a number of errors that may cause lower SEO. Sometimes these are technical errors, i.e., they are caused due to error in your template codes like not using appropriate tags, missing the 'alternative' attribute in images, etc.

These errors can only be corrected by professionals only. That also means that you cannot know that there was some SEO problem. But there is a way to know the SEO problems.

SEO Analysis

  1. Login into your Bing Webmaster tools using hotmail account.
  2. Goto 'Diagnostics & Tools' > 'SEO Analyzer'.
  3. Place any URL of you verified site, and click 'Analyze'.
  4. A report will get generated.
Report is divided according to color code.
  1. Red - High Severity Issue
  2. Yellow - Moderate Severity Issue
  3. Blue - Low Severity Issue

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Add Note in Adsense performance report

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Google Adsense rolled out a new feature. Now you can add notes that will get embedded in your performance report.

How to add a note?

  1. Hover your cursor over the graph.
  2. Click on the '+' symbol.
  3. In the dialog box that opens up, add your Note.
  4. Click 'Save'.
Add note in Adsense performance graph

In the image below, notice the two different types of notes. The visual difference lies in the grey cap as in 'Note 3' whereas, 'Note 2' and 'Note 4' are plane squares with no cap.
notice the two different types of notes

Two types of Notes

Currently there are only two type.
  1. Displays activities like, blocking of ad networks or categories, creating a new ad unit. Example, 'Note 2' and 'Note 4'.
  2. User defined notes. Example, 'Note 3'.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Posting photos on Google Plus: Beware

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First of all, have you seen any image comparing two town one is overpopulated and the other town is deserted. Over populated town represents Facebook while the deserted one represented Google Plus. That all looks good but that is a myth. Google Plus has passed twitter and stands second after Facebook in popularity and usage.

Google Plus launched recently very easily gained heavy popularity. Though still there are a lot of users using Facebook only. This article is for Google Plus users. If you are posting photos on Google Plus then you need to now your limitations.

Google, upon sign up, gives you a free Google account. This type of account provides all the functionality but there is limited space available to use.

Free Google Account
Storage account Google Drive and Google+ photos Gmail
free account 5gb space shared by google drive and google+ photos total 10gb for email and attachments.
As you can see in the table, a Free Account on Google gives you only a total og 5Gb of storage which is shared by your Google documents and Google Plus photos space.

That is another fact that, typically a 15MP camera generates around 2Mb photograph, according to which you need to upload around 2560 photos to run out of space.

What if I run out of space?

account type in Google
Google Drive has paid upgrades, which are priced at $2.49/month for 25Gb upgrade, $4.99/month for 100Gb and so on upto 16Tb priced at $799.99/month (you won't ever require that much).

Increase your productivity using templates: Google Docs Part 1

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The concept of Cloud storage brought major changes to the way of working. Cloud services like Google Docs and Skydrive took a step further and integrated Office applications like and equivalent to MS Office Word, Excel (spreadsheet, Power Point (Slide-show), etc. with Cloud storage and made work on the go a reality.

Every professional quality document from Presentations to word, requires you to have a particular template. Google Docs provide a collection of thousands of templates (free of cost) to choose from.

How to get one template?

  1. Just login into your Google account.
  2. Goto Google Docs Templates.
  3. From the list browse through the collection. You can filter your search results by ratting, type of document (eg, Documents, Spreadsheet, forms, Drawing, etc.), category and language too. You can also use search bar.
  4. You can preview the template by 'Preview' button.
  5. After final preview click on 'Use this template' button.
  6. Google Docs will automatically launch in a new tab, with your selected template.
use template gallery in Google Docs
NOTE- Maximum of these templates are just like child templates, i.e. they may just have a very basic structure. This is quite helpful for creative workers as there is a basic structure that decreases work load as well as gives you enough space to apply your own creativity. 

Next in this series-
Increase Productivity using apps: Google Docs Part 2

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Indexing your Blogger blog to Bing: Complete SEO Part 2

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Easiest way to let Bing search engine know about every update on your blog is by submitting sitemap of you Blogger blog.

To do so,

Step 1 
Step 2
  1. Goto Blogger Sitemap Generator.
  2. Enter your blog's url along with http://
  3. Click Generate SiteMap button.
  4. Copy the last url that says sitemap.
    xml sitemap of Blogger
  5. Sing in into Bing Webmaster tools using hotmail account.
  6. In the Sitemap section. Click 'SUBMIT A SITEMAP' button.
    submit sitemap to Bing
  7. Now, paste sitemap url that you copied in 4th step.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Within 30 minutes you will start seeing a success status in Bing's sitemap section, where you submitted your sitemap.
Successfully indexed sitemap
Click to enlarge

How to Change your Blogger feed address?

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Generally Blogger publishers have weird feed redirect url. The url is weird because it is created randomly. The default url where the feeds are actually published is-

But when using feedburner publishers are asked to set up a Feed Address. The feeds are still published on the default feeds url, now you need to set up a redirect to redirect your published feeds from your default feed url to feedburner url.
change your feedburner url

To do so.

  1. Goto feedburner and login with your Google account.
  2. It will display all of your blogs using feedburner.
  3. Select the blog whose feed address you want to change.
  4. Click 'Edit Feed Details'.
change your feedburner feed address
Now change Feed Address as per your need or wish. The best way is to use your blogs name as it represents your brand every time it gets noticed. But in case that address is unavailable then try /blog/YOURBLOGNAME or YOURBLOGNAME/blog, etc.

In case you are using a premium domain name *.com, *.org, etc. then you can also change Original Feed Address from to your custom premium domain that will not cause loss of your readers. In case of custom domain name you can also host your feedsburner feeds with your own domain name.