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4 Trends In Email Marketing You May Have Missed

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As you steadily move your business through the New Year and begin to plan the New Year's marketing strategy, you also have to look back at what you may have missed. Even though the marketing you previously did may have been successful, it may not have been as successful as you would have liked it to be. This is why every prudent businessperson needs to look back at the small things he/she may have missed that could have boosted their campaigns even further. There is no difference when it comes to email marketing. Here are some of the trends that may have slipped by you.

Mobile Marketing

With the great change in the mobile world due to the increase in smart phone use by the market, there has certainly been a rise in browsing with mobile phones, mobile buying and mobile email. This trend is expected to keep growing and if you did not previously take advantage of this, it should be top on your priority list this year. Make sure that your business is mobile friendly this year so that you can also tap into this growing market. You should also note that the key to successful mobile email marketing is being aware of the drawbacks and limitation of reading emails with mobile phones.

Social Media Marketing

The whole world has gone crazy about social media and this trend is also not expected to not let up in 2013. If you previously let this slip by you then you should jump right back in. When email marketing, make sure you include icons on the email newsletter link back to your social media accounts. This way you are sure to get more people interested in you and they will make it a point to follow what you post in the social media. As you know, simple curiosity can translate to great revenue for the business.

The Use of Videos

The influence and reach of the media is ever increasing and video has become an effective way of engaging and captivating the target audience. However, there are certain things you have to think of before you start using videos in your email marketing. First, you should try to embed any videos into the emails. You should also ensure that the video is either informative, funny or a great interview so that you keep the interest of the target audience. It should also be short and straight to the point. This will add great value to the email marketing campaign you run. Check out the Pure Leverage system, as it is able to do this trick easily.

Issuance of Free Coupons

People are now looking for ways of cutting down on their expenses and if you can offer them a way to save, they will come running to you. Coupons are an ideal way for a business to offer great savings for its customers and if you have not made use of them before then you should start. By doing so in your email, marketing you will not only be attracting more business but you will also enhance customer loyalty to you.

As you move further into the New Year, do incorporate all these trends into your email campaign. The success of any campaign depends on whether or not you do include certain things or you overlook them.
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