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4 Trends In Facebook Marketing You May Have Missed

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Facebook marketing is one of the most important aspects regarding social media advertising. Advertising using the power of Facebook is truly one powerful tactic that businesses underestimate. The big problem is not being able to use Facebook the right way. With all the different Facebook trends that become available, it is tough to actually keep up with each trend. In this article, you'll learn some powerful tactics on 4 of the best Facebook marketing trends right now that you must utilize to succeed and grow on Facebook.

4 Trends in Facebook Marketing You May Have Missed

Facebook Timeline Photos

Your goal should be to simply utilize the top of your Facebook profile to showcase your big logo or brand name. Many people highly recommend that you always display your brand the right way by showing your photos the right way. Facebook timeline photos should always be big and large, not to mention advertise your brand in an effective way. Consider highlighting a discount on your timeline photo. It isn't the only way to advertise on Facebook, but you should really consider creating top of the line images to engage your Facebook fans.


Utilize likes differently. When people likes your fan age, thank them by offering them a discount, special offer, or anything that you believe they deserve for liking. A huge trend that just took place was when Kraft offered their thousands of fans a music video that thanked them for their support, singling out each of their names. How cool, right?

Play Games

A great tactic to follow is to simply make people guess what you're trying to say. Coke has used the idea to make people guess a missing word. For example, they once used "Coke likes (blank)". This is a great tool that many people have been using recently, and it definitely is a great idea.

Location Based Check-Ins

The biggest trend in Facebook apps is the power of simply using location based check in sites to help let your customers let others know that they checked in to visit your business. Although not all kinds of check-ins are available for all stores, your goal should be to get your business out there to help you succeed. Located based apps are growing all day everyday with more businesses gaining more attention from customers who check in. On Facebook, there are all kinds of different sites that offer this, so you really need to consider getting into this.

Facebook marketing, when done right, can gain a lot of great customers and attention. The four trends listed above are great ways to help you get started and be on the right track for growing your brand on Facebook. It is not an easy task to grow your Facebook fan page to thousands of fans, but with the tips above, together with the strategy to buy Facebook fans, you will gain all kinds of customers and grow your brand on the #1 social network online. The key is to always engage and talk a lot about your brand through updates.
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