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Hands-on with Blackberry Q10 Smartphone

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In the age of touch phones, RIM has elected to launch yet another QWERTY keyboard Smartphone that will run the Blackberry 10 OS. The Q 10 was announced along with the Z 10, the first BB 10 Smartphone which is a touch screen phone. The Q 10 is expected to hit the shelves a little later than the Z 10, around April this year.

While some of you may be surprised that any manufacturer would still want to roll out Smartphones with keyboards, remember that there are still people out there who are uncomfortable with touch phones! Blackberry also has a solid reputation for coming out with good quality keyboarded phones.

In appearance it’s pretty much like the Blackberry Bold, albeit a tad bigger. The phone’s rear is made of robust ‘woven glass’ and is soft to touch. The weight and balance of the phone, and its rounded edges make it good to hold in the hand.

The screen measures 3.1 inches, making it the biggest display on a keyboard phone. The pixel density is expected to be 355 ppi, similar to the Z 10’s. The display is crisp and sharp. For everything other than typing messages, you will use the screen’s touch interface, as BB 10 is entirely touch controlled; this means that the familiar Blackberry trackpad and menu keys will not be seen on this phone. There are four small square Active Frames, and three rows of apps in the panes; the number of emails displayed in the Hub has also been reduced.

You have Micro USB and HDMI ports just as in the Z 10, a Micro SD card, headphone jack and a battery that can be removed. The power key is situated right next to the headphone jack on the top.

On the right you have the volume control buttons with a key in the center that can control tracks and launch the voice control app.

The keyboard is big and well spaced, making it comfortable for typing, and you can easily type with both hands without accidental key presses. You can also expect to see most of the familiar Blackberry shortcuts in this device. For example, typing ‘bb’ automatically expands it to Blackberry; typing starts off a universal search; if you type a contact’s name or their email, the email will be automatically started. So I would say that it is even faster than the Z 10, and more user friendly.

Though the details on pricing and specifications are not yet available officially, it has not stopped the rumor mills from speculating. Here are some expected specs: It will be powered by a dual core CPU clocking in at 1.5 GHz. The primary camera at the rear is 8 MP which will have an LED flash and it will be supplemented by a 2 MP front shooter or video chat. Inbuilt storage is 16 GB with 2 GB RAM.

IT is also expected that the Q 10 will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and NFC capability.

The BB 10 OS runs smoothly on this Smartphone, and you can navigate thru the apps without any hiccups.

Overall it’s a good phone, but how well this phone will do in the market is something we will know only when it is released.
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