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Brand your feedburner RSS newsletters with your own email id

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Every feedburner email newsletter has an email id from which it is sent. The sender email address in every feedburner email newsletter is noreply@blogger.com. This email address is set by default whenever you start publishing your feeds with feedburner,but you can change it to your own public email address. If you have a custom domain name, then you can also claim your custom email id running on your own domain name (eg. if you have a domain www.example.com then you can claim one or more email id like admin@example.com or owner@example.com).

Change default feedburner email id

This is all a part of branding. With marketing point of view you also have the privilege of mailing your public mail id to individual subscriber. They may possibly reply with queries, doubts, suggestions, etc. Furthermore, this signifies more trusted source. In Gmail, because of this features a list of recent mails from the past appears showing upto 4 additional emails from recent past (a total of 5 mails in cluding the recent one).

Replace default email id with your own in RSS

How to brand feedburner newsletters with your own email id?

  1. Login into your feedburner dashboard.
  2. Goto 'Publicize' tab.
  3. Navigate to 'Email Subscriptions' then 'Communication Preferences'.
  4. Replace the default noreply@blogger.com with your own email id.
  5. Click Save.
After branding successfully you can set up auto-publish feeds on twitter or access all feedburner tips and tricks here.
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