Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Create a custom confirmation mail in feedburner

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Whenever a user signs up for email newsletter, he/she is first required to submit email id followed by a captcha. After this a confirmation link is mailed to the user via a confirmation email.

This confirmation email contains a message and a confirmation link which when clicked confirms the email subscription. The message in the mail can be customized in your way. Every publisher using feedburner can create a custom message for his/her readers.

How to create custom confirmation email message?

  1. Login into your feedburner account.
  2. Select your blog from the list.
  3. Goto 'Publicize' tab.
  4. Navigate to 'Email Subscriptions' and then to 'Communication Preferences'.

Now, customize the text in both the field-
  1. Confirmation Email Subject.
  2. Confirmation Email Body
NOTE- Don't forget to put ${confirmlink} in your 'Confirmation Email Body' field. This gets replaced by the confirmation link that the user clicks to confirm subscription. Without this entire process becomes useless. ${confirmlink} is a place holder in technical terms.

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