Friday, 1 February 2013

Get email alerts when somebody search your personal info on Google

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There is no denial in the fact that a lot of your confidential information is always there on the web and may get leaked. It is not always a hacker doing that, but many times a user becomes that much careless that he/she leaves their data online.

Google lets a user create email alerts which forwards email whenever Google is searched for a specific content.

How to set alerts?

Login into your Google account.
Goto Account.
Select 'Me on the Web' and click Manage my Web Alerts.
Now, add your personal info like email id, phone number, home address, etc.
You can customize when to send you email whenever your added queries are searched on Google. You can select from 'as it happens', 'once in a day' and 'once in a week'.
You can select to get it mailed to your gmail is associated with the current Google account or you can get it mailed to your alternative email id (if you have one).
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