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Import your blogs HTML Improvement data into Google Docs

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Maximum search engine depend on meta description of your blog post, website and blog post. The optimum length for any meta description is 160 characters according to Google.

How to get HTML improvement suggestions?

  1. Login in into your Google webmasters tool.
  2. Select a site from the list.
  3. Goto 'Optimization' > 'HTML Improvement'.
Here, you will find suggestions that indicate-

1. Meta Descriptions-

  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Long Meta Descriptions- Having a long meta description is a low level problem as search engines truncates everything after 160 characters.
  • Short Meta Descriptions- This is something where you may loose search engine optimization as you are not utilizing the given resource.

2. Title Tags-

  • Missing
  • Duplicate
  • Long
  • Short

3. Non-indexable content

Means content like video, audio, images, etc. that cannot be indexed.

How to Import data to Google Docs in Google Drive?

  1. Select any of them that shows error count. 
  2. Click to open it.
  3. Click Download button. Select 'Google Docs'.
  4. Your entire data will get imported into 'Google Docs' as spread sheet.
Download your data to google docs for SEO analysis

How is this import helpful?

Correcting meta description optimum length errors are very easy. This is nothing more than editing the text. But when there are more than, 20 such pages showing this optimization error. Then, it all get a headache, because you cannot edit all those 20+ errors in a single day. 

So, what you can do is import data into Google Docs and then start correcting even a single error you can delete the entry from the imported spreadsheet. This will help you in continuing the work at later time. This is not possible in webmaster section. Refreshing after editing one page or article won't create a decrease in count immediately.

Now, you can analyse the data.
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