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Increase your productivity using templates: Google Docs Part 1

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The concept of Cloud storage brought major changes to the way of working. Cloud services like Google Docs and Skydrive took a step further and integrated Office applications like and equivalent to MS Office Word, Excel (spreadsheet, Power Point (Slide-show), etc. with Cloud storage and made work on the go a reality.

Every professional quality document from Presentations to word, requires you to have a particular template. Google Docs provide a collection of thousands of templates (free of cost) to choose from.

How to get one template?

  1. Just login into your Google account.
  2. Goto Google Docs Templates.
  3. From the list browse through the collection. You can filter your search results by ratting, type of document (eg, Documents, Spreadsheet, forms, Drawing, etc.), category and language too. You can also use search bar.
  4. You can preview the template by 'Preview' button.
  5. After final preview click on 'Use this template' button.
  6. Google Docs will automatically launch in a new tab, with your selected template.
use template gallery in Google Docs
NOTE- Maximum of these templates are just like child templates, i.e. they may just have a very basic structure. This is quite helpful for creative workers as there is a basic structure that decreases work load as well as gives you enough space to apply your own creativity. 

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