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Increase SEO by making title Unique

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Google and Bing search engines crawl each of your blog's article. In this process spiders also crawl your content for uniqueness.

Maximum publishers using any platform WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, etc. always have one mistake. Publishers have templates created in a way that each of the article published on them always have the name of the blog in the title tags. And thus killing, the uniqueness of the title. This kills your SEO.

How to detect this?

Very simple, just hover your mouse on the tab of your browser the entire title will automatically get displayed.

display title of your blog post

How to remove this from Blogger template?

Another easy step-

  1. Login into your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Select your blog from the list.
  3. Goto Template > edit html.
  4. Use 'Ctrl+F' to find <title> and </title> tags.
  5. Remove any instance of <data:blog.title/> present between the title tags.
  6. Save your template.
remove blog name get higher SEO

Now, your Blogger template is ready to get higher traffic and better SEO. This error in found in both free as well as paid templates. Usually used for better branding of your blog but better SEO is more important, which will get you better traffic.
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