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Mastering The Art Of Facebook Marketing

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Social media marketing is all the rave these days. Consultants are quick to advise that you jump on sites like Facebook to grow your business quickly. By taking effective steps to expanding your opportunity daily you can in fact grow your venture using Facebook. Move away from low energy, spammy tactics. These approaches kill your online reputation. Intend to create value and make connections. Follow up on this intent by acting on the idea. Write helpful blog posts and post to niche-specific Facebook Groups. Connect with individuals to expand your online presence.

Facebook marketing is quite easy if you adopt a simple, persistent approach to spreading the word about your business. Create value and make friends.

Create Value to Become Valuable on Facebook

Write helpful blog post directed at your business prospects. Listen to the needs of your target audience, build your content and share these posts on niche-specific Facebook Groups. By frequently posting helpful, relevant content to multiple Facebook Groups related to your niche you begin to establish yourself as an authority. Fellow Fbers will request you as a friend, opt in to your website and join your email list. The genesis of this process begins when you provide helpful content within the right groups on a persistent basis.

Avoid posting your business link to groups unless this is allowed. Most people are looking for a bit more to chew on. Prove you know your stuff by sharing value with your target audience. By posting your latest videos, articles and blog posts you instantly stand out from the crowd of folks who just posts a static, bland business page to groups day after day.

Make Friends with Facebook Folks

Making friends on Facebook is the quickest way to expand your network. Imagine how easy it will be to influence 10, 20 or 50 individuals to promote your latest business blog post or video? You can do this by promoting other people on a persistent basis. Facebook Share content you deem to be valuable and relevant to your audience, whether it is your content or your Facebook friend’s content, and you will begin to lay the groundwork for a long term, prospering relationship. You can achieve so much more, business-wise, in much less time if you build up a network of positive, supportive friends around you on Facebook.

Leverage your presence by taking the time to reach out and connect with people who share similar interests. Take a genuine interest in their success, and in getting to know them better. By doing this you can more easily influence people to know, like and trust you. Gaining the trust of an increasing group of people expands your friend network and business opportunity fast.

Show Up Daily

This simple piece of advice grows your opportunity fast. If you can simply show up each day you have no problems making a real impact on Facebook. Few people work the social site on a daily basis, routinely showing up in fits and starts every few days or week. The person who maintains an active daily presence can only reap some serious returns from their efforts in the long run.

Persistent people are the objection of much admiration and envy. The masses wonder how these folks do it, scratching their heads and wanting to learn more about the secret to their success. If you do show up daily on Facebook, sharing value and making strong connections with your friends, and new friends, you will generate a buzz around you, and your business, and you will stand out from the crowd. This is a key that so many entrepreneurs miss. Simply show up daily and you will distance yourself from the herd.

Author's Bio: Kelli Cooper, writing for Exhibit Deal, is a freelance writer who covers all things social media. 
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