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Pageviews counter in last Month- Blogger

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If you are a Blogger publisher. Then, you might be busy checking your stats to know how much you blog is accessed. You overview shows recent traffic count. For a better and detailed version there is 'stats' option.

The 'overview, option in 'stats' menu shows graphical and figured data. In the figured data there is 'Pageviews last month'. This data do not represents pageviews collected in previous month.

How is it wrong?

If you want to try. Then,
  1. Goto your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Select any blog with proper pageviews.
  3. Goto stats overview.
  4. Select 'All Time' from the upper right 'time span' tab.

In the graphical stats, hover you mouse to see the stats. Now, notice that last month traffic count is different in the figured data and graphical data.

Then what is it?

The data shown in graphical one is correct traffic count collected the previous month. Whereas, the figured data shows the traffic count collected in last 30 days.
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