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Posting photos on Google Plus: Beware

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First of all, have you seen any image comparing two town one is overpopulated and the other town is deserted. Over populated town represents Facebook while the deserted one represented Google Plus. That all looks good but that is a myth. Google Plus has passed twitter and stands second after Facebook in popularity and usage.

Google Plus launched recently very easily gained heavy popularity. Though still there are a lot of users using Facebook only. This article is for Google Plus users. If you are posting photos on Google Plus then you need to now your limitations.

Google, upon sign up, gives you a free Google account. This type of account provides all the functionality but there is limited space available to use.

Free Google Account
Storage account Google Drive and Google+ photos Gmail
free account 5gb space shared by google drive and google+ photos total 10gb for email and attachments.
As you can see in the table, a Free Account on Google gives you only a total og 5Gb of storage which is shared by your Google documents and Google Plus photos space.

That is another fact that, typically a 15MP camera generates around 2Mb photograph, according to which you need to upload around 2560 photos to run out of space.

What if I run out of space?

account type in Google
Google Drive has paid upgrades, which are priced at $2.49/month for 25Gb upgrade, $4.99/month for 100Gb and so on upto 16Tb priced at $799.99/month (you won't ever require that much).
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