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Review what to display on your Facebook Timeline

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This is a great privacy feature by Facebook that allows non-friend Facebook users to tag you. But as soon as you get tagged you will get a notification and post that notification you will be asked how to deal with that image or status.

All the photos and/or status will not make to your timeline unless you approve it. This is done by 'Timeline Review' of Facebook. With Timeline Review you can control everything on Facebook that relates to you. This include, but is not limited to, photos of you, comments, likes, about (content that has you in it's about page, eg. fan page, when you first met a person, etc.).

In short everything that is visible on your timeline publicly, friends of friends, only friends or only me. Furthermore, it also has a log of everything that you have searched for, on Facebook (and this is something that may possibly contain that you won't ever share with anybody).

How to access Timeline Review?

  1. The easiest way is to search for 'Activity Log' using search bar.
  1. Goto Privacy Settings.
  2. Under 'Who can see my stuff?' you will find 'Use Activity Log'.
  1. Use Facebook's 'Privacy Shortcut'.
In Activity Log, you can set visibility and highlighting options fir each post individually.

timeline review in Facebook

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