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Sticky Note app for Ubuntu

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A sticky note is always helpful doesn't matter if it is on your refrigerator or virtually on your desktops screen. Sticky Notes application for Windows is very common. But it is available for other operating systems too.

Ubuntu is the third most popular OS, which is widely used. From the 'Ubuntu Software Centre' you can download sticky notes for Ubuntu OS.

Sticky Notes app for Ubuntu
The above Sticky Note application is filed under the name 'XPAD'. You can add new notes, delete notes, save them. 

Unlike other notepads, XPAD is not limited to selected colors only. You can control the color of notepad as well as of the text for each sticky note that you create.

To change colors-

Right click on the sticky note.
Goto pad and then properties.
From there you can customize the color of individual pad.

If you are using Ubuntu, then most probably, you are smart enough to explore this little application.

Do you use Android?

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