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Update RSS immediately: Feedburner

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Whenever an article is published it takes around 30 minutes maximum to get included in your feeds. Thirty minutes is the default refreshing time in FeedBurner.

In case of news sites or blogs, these 30 minutes mark may cost you your top position for a particular news, as RSS reader applications may get late updates. The higher the readership, the higher will be the loss.

How to overcome this?

If you have published any article, that is required to be delivered to your readers as soon as possible then,
  1. Go to FeedBurner Ping.
  2. Enter the URL of your blog.
  3. Click 'Ping FeedBurner'.
This is manual process and may possibly prove a exhaustive job but it is not always required. Only when, you need to throw immediate updates. You are not required to be logged in into your feedburner or Google account to use this service.

immediately update your RSS feeds
Almost anyone, whether a publisher or a user may perform this service. This is also helpful in case you or your team have published  high number of articles. After updating your feed you can set up autopublish feeds to twitter or set automatmatic redirection from non-www to www domain name.

ALSO SEE- (use pingshot to notify your reader for feed updates, immediately). You can access all Feedburner tutorials here.
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