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Google launched Books for Android

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Google Play Books
Google officially launched Google Books for Android. Till now we needed to rely on Kindle Application for android.But no more. The real fun lies in reading on Kindle devices rather than installing application on your desktop and devices. With Kindle you needed to manage your Amazon account.

Application can be installed from Google Play Store. You will be asked to install it whenever you will try to access 'Books' from Google Play Store. The screen shot below is the screen that you will get when accessing Books when the application is not installed.

Installation screen while accessing for first time

Look and feel

Turning pages with Google Book is real fun with the 3D animation offered. This 3D animation of pages is optional and you can turn it off or on via Settings option of the application. You can read books (free and paid both are available), bookmark, create notes. 

Google Play Books also renders graphics, so reading is a bit more fun and illustrative. It will push your fantasy into reality.

Bookmarks and Notes

readers options in google play book app
Creating Notes is simple, and you get a number of colors to choose from, while creating notes. These colors highlight your notes as in the screen-shot above. To create note, just select the text by tapping and holding the text, and then use the markers to select the exact text. 

Furthermore, all the created notes and bookmarks are accessible with content frame.


Chapter section contains your book's index. You can skip or jump to anywhere or to any chapter. Maximum readers don't go thought the introductory part. A great option for them. Undoubtedly, useful section of all the books.


The application actively synchronizes your app with your Google account so no need to turn pages while trying to read on some other device. Reading options lets you easily customize your reading experience. You can change your font size and line spacing.

Unlike Kindle, which required an application to be installed on your Desktop, Google Books offers direct access to your books via a web browser.

Desktop Access

Goto Google Play Store. And click My Books. The entire list of your purchased books will open open. Select the book you want to read. It will open in your browser. And as you know about the sync function, you don't requires to shuffle between the page to reach where you left.
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